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Comparison among Magento, Joomla and WordPress

Today, websites are important for practically all kinds of businesses as they try to make their presence felt in the competitive online market. But the good news is that now you don’t need the tricky HTML codes to create websites. You can build highly functional and smart websites with the help of Content Management Systems that have become the order of the day. When it comes to CMS, WordPress, Joomla and Magento are quite popular but before making your decision about choosing one it’s important to know more about them. Today, we meet Ramya Raju – a freelance writer/web designer from India again. She has an experience of about 8 years in content writing and has worked for top blogs and websites. Before she reviewed ZT One of ZooTemplate and today she continues to review us a blog “Comparison among Magento, Joomla and WordPress” so that all of us will have a general knowledge of 3 kinds of open sources.

An overview



WordPress came into being over a decade ago, in 2003 to be precise and has definitely found its takes among bloggers. But its application isn’t limited to blogs alone and with the help of plugins and setting tweaks, there is a lot you can achieve with it.

The good news is that it’s free, completely flexible and allows you to create cool looking websites without the need for any coding. When you want to change its look, you can simply download a new template to get the job done. You also get access to a large number of plugins that can handle several tasks for you without any hassle.


joomla new

Joomla is an open course CMS that has myriad applications in today’s times; from creating personal blogs to websites for large scale organizations. With this platform too you can get your hands on several templates and third party extensions. In fact, this is where the strong Joomla community comes into play as it keeps adding several new extensions quite frequently.

While it gets you around the issue of coding, of course it’s not that simple to work with for beginners and new web developers. But you can still get a hang of using it and create top quality websites. 35 million downloads so far stand a testimony to that.



Magento is an interesting open source Content Management System that is owned completely by E-commerce giant eBay. It is the most flexible platform used by world’s leading brands to power their business. In its previous avatar it was called Bento and you will find that it is a platform that has been designed to take care of the needs of online businesses. In fact it is tailor made to work well for ecommerce websites. You could have one or multiple websites; all you have to do is log in through a single portal, and can manage all of them.

Magento, the content management system is based on PHP and MySQL, which is compatible with Linux, requiring no investment in software licenses. According to the reports, a business of over $25 billion is processed over Magento, all over the world. Hence it’s not surprise that it’s considered to be one of the premier E-commerce platforms in the world today.

Now it is time for us to discover inside features of every open source, see its advantages and disadvantages. In this article it is divided it into 2 main points:

1. Advantages and disadvantages as CMS platform

2. Pros and Cons as E-commerce platform

A. Advantages and disadvantages as CMS platform

A.1 WordPress

WordPress is one of the best open sources and a platform meant for blogs. It is flexible enough to power fortune 500 company blogs as well as sporadically updated personal journals. Below we take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of WordPress


  • Multiple Authors: WordPress was built from the ground-up to accommodate multiple authors – a crucial features any serious publication.
  • User-Friendly: WordPress is easy to use and highly intuitive even for first-time bloggers. You can drop a theme, add a few plugins and start blogging within minutes.
  • Huge Plugin Library: WordPress has hundreds of thousands of plugins for it
  • Strong SEO Capabilities: With plugins like All in One SEO, you can start blogging straight away without worrying about on-page SEO.
  • Easy Customization: Its system is designed for easy-customization. Anyone with a little grasp of HTML and CSS can customize WordPress themes to fit their needs.
  • Flexibility: WordPress can be made to do virtually anything- run an e-commerce store, host a video site, serve as a portfolio or work as a company blog-thanks to plugins and customized WordPress themes.


  • Security: WordPress is often the target of hackers. The software itself isn’t very secure out of the box and you will have to install third-party plugins to boost your WordPress installation’s security.
  • Limited Design Options: Even though WordPress is infinitely customized, most WordPress installations still look like WordPress installations.
  • Incompatibility with Older Plugins: The WordPress team constantly releases new updates to fix security loopholes and patch problems. These updates are often incompatible with older plugins.
  • Limited Content Management Capabilities: WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform. This has affected its ability to handle large amounts of content.

A.2 Joomla

Joomla was launched in 2005 and is a platform that is based on model view controller. About CMS Solutions, Joomla has both advantages and disadvantages that every webmaster can’t miss.


  • User-Friendly: Joomla is relatively easy to use. Those new to publishing will find it UI polished, flexible and powerful, although there is still a slight learning curve involved in figuring everything out.
  • Strong Developer Community: Like other open sources, Joomla also has a strong developer community. It is compatible with a ton of free to use, open source plugins.
  • Extension Variability: Joomla extensions are divided into five categories – components, plugins, templates, modules and languages. Each of these differs in function, power and capability.
  • Strong Content Management Capabilities: Joomla was original designed as an enterprise-grade CMS. This makes it far more capable at handling a large volume of articles than WordPress.
  • Strong SEO capabilities: You will also find that it’s easy to customize and has SEO attributes that have huge benefits for you in the long run.


  • Lacks SEO Capabilities: Joomla lacks SEO Capabilities, so if you want to your website SEO good, you need a ton of work to get to the same level of search engine friendliness or hire a SEO expert.
  • Limited ACL Support: ACL (Access Control List) refers to a list of permissions that can be granted to specific users for specific pages. ACL is a vital component of any enterprise-grade CMS solution. ACL support is still limited and make it unsuitable for enterprise customers.
  • Lack of comment system: Joomla hasn’t had comment system, so if you want it, you have to set up other extensions.

A.3 Magento

Although Magento doesn’t have much strength about CMS platform as Joomla and WordPress, it also exist some both advantages and disadvantages that we need to differentiate from others.


  • It is a sophisticated content management system. The WYSIWYG editor facilitates shop owners to build content rich and multiple version of a web page
  • A multitude of additional modules that can be installed and helps customize a virtual store in an incredible way.
  • It is also Mobile friendly as the apps allow store integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on smartphones, ipad, Notebook, etc..;
  • It is well built and strong in terms of security and stability
  • Magento also has SEO attributes that work well for your site.


However, Magento also has some disadvantages you need to pay attention:

  • Normally Magento controls pages and it only creates simple pages such as About us, Terms of uses, Contact us or Copyright. If you want to develop blogs, you have to set up extensions. It is a disadvantage about CMS of Magento.
  • Being Magento a very robust system to run properly also requires a more robust server, large disk space and memory which is usually available in VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Server
  • The most negative aspect I see in Magento, is that even if you meet the requirements of robustness server, there is still a risk of the system being slow depending on the database which may affect your search engine rankings as page loading speed is one of the most important factor of Google algorithm.

B. Pros and Cons as E-commerce platforms

B.1 Magento


Magento is one of the leaders among E-commerce solutions, its usage and industry distribution is really great. Saying about Advantages of Magento about E-commerce platform, it has too many benefits.

  • Magento is the best open source as E-commerce platform compared Joomla and WordPress.
  • It has many outstanding functions that are suitable for building large and complicated websites: social login options, high security a powerful community forum.
  • Have the best and most advanced features that a system of E-commerce can offer
  • Filtering products in categories
  • One-page checkout capability and extensive shipping options
  • Granular access control to assign a particular level of permission to users.
  • Ability to incorporate multiple payment options on your store, in order to facilitate the ease of payment for each and every visitor based on their preferred payment gateway
  • To be a server running on a separate system, the information of your online store, record of customers, products, orders and transactions are completely private, with no third party access.


  • Though being an Open Source system it offers you the liberty of customization, however possess a high standard of structured programming, based on Zend framework. Simultaneously, in order to incorporate complicated customizations, you need a more complex and heavy layered coding for which you might need to hire a professional.
  • If you think about developing your online store in Magento or servicing within your organization through a PHP programmer, the system has a very long learning curve compared to other open source systems, although based on PHP programming, given the complexity of the system
  • Plugins and extensions are often costly

B.2 Joomla


  • Joomla has gained popularity among those who want to set up E-commerce websites primarily because it is a reasonable option, especially when it comes to adding additional features.
  • This platform is also very simple to get started because installation is quite straightforward and not too complicated.
  • A strong and loyal Joomla community often comes to your rescue and the user friendly interface is an added bonus.
  • Comparatively little costs for development and maintenance
  • Rather straightforward to work with in terms f tweaking


  • Installing and managing the “friendly” URLs do take a lot of configurations
  • Customize requires knowledge of website design and development.
  • It is similar to WordPress, E-commerce is not available on Joomla. Therefore, if you want to build E-commerce website, you have to set up extensions.
  • It is only suitable for developing medium and small E-commerce websites.

B.3 WordPress


  • It was a platform mainly used for blogs and has advantages far as content creations goes.
  • These plugins can be smartly used to ensure that a blog is turned into an E-commerce website.
  • You can ensure their functionality without too much hassle.


  • E- commerce is not available on WordPress, so we generally use Woocommerce – an e-commerce add on to WordPress to build our e-commerce websites.
  • It is only suitable for building medium and small E-commerce websites

Here I will show you a detailed comparison table about the features of Magento,Joomla and WordPress

Magento vs Joomla vs WordPress

Magento Joomla WordPress
History 2008 2005 2003
 Architecture Model-View-Controller(MVC) Model-View-Controller (MVC)  Event-driven architecture









Open source 100% 100% 100%
Installation and set up difficulty level Difficult Medium Easy
Customization level Hard Requires effort but not hard as Magento Highly Simple
Maintenance Requires pro efforts Requires minimal efforts Requires no effects
Learning curve Tough Easier Easiest
As CMS platform Good Better Best
As Ecommerce platform Best Better Good
Stability High Moderate Low
SEO Optimized 100% 100% 100%
Vulnerable to attacks Hardly Occasionally Frequently
Community and Support Excellent Great Awesome
2013 insight for online business Highly recommended Recommended Hardly recommended


To sum up, we have provided the whole of general knowledge about 3 kinds of open sources, which one is the best for your platform? If you can find other interesting comparison, don’t hesitate to share with us. Hope that this blog will be helpful with anyone who is wondering in choosing a kind of framework to build website.

ZooTemplate would like to say faithful thanks to Ramya Raju for reviewing a great blog like so. She gave us much useful and practical information. If you have any stories about ZooTemplate products, please share them with your customers.

Especially if you have any questions about Ramya Raju, please contact her to get more information

Ramya Raju


E-mail id: ramyaraju896@gmail.com

Website: http://www.colorcharacter.com/uk/

Zootemplate supports Easy Blog!- An awesome blogging tool from Stackideas

A plenty of blogging extensions from ZooTemplate have been used. Then, up to now, we have received a large number of feedbacks from users during the period of using. We strongly confirm that one of outstanding extensions which suits best for blogger when logging in website is Easyblog. Easyblog is a wonderful product developed by our friendly partner: Stackideas. In order to provide you an overlook at Easyblog, some short review is available bellow.

The reason why Easyblog received many good feedbacks is …

Friendly interface

easyblog interface

When writing a new article in Joomla, bloggers will not feel bored with a carefully crafted interface anymore. You can see immediately a big image expanded through screen on the top of page. The layout becomes more eye-catching. On the top of each picture, some toolbars are shown respectively: Home, categories, tags, blogger, team blogs. Each tool keeps a specific function to satisfy the demand of users at the most convenient.

  • Home: Where you can find all blog posts throughout the sites
  • Categories: Displays a list of categories from that blog
  • Tags: Displays a list of tags that have been used in the blog
  • Bloggers: Search for favorite bloggers from the site
  • Team blog: Helps you to find fast your favorite blog here.

Clear and impressive content

easyblog content

The content of writing has a clear and impressive texture. Could you image that how the writers can attract viewers? Of course, the answer must be that your blog need to be eye-catching. Easyblog features a minimalist but modern design so you can be ensured that your posts will be arranged rationally.

Social network integrated

easyblog social network integration

As you can see, at the end of each article, many social buttons are reasonably added at the right-hand corner. This provides an effective way for you to share whatever you like through a lot of social media such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter…

Important short-cuts added

Especially, the Easyblog developers have added important short-cuts. Therefore, some different useful information about author’s profile, more posts from this author or subscribe to updates form author will also be provided. Some related posts with outstanding featured image are always appeared in balance. Therefore, it’s not difficult for users to have any necessary knowledge to take more deeply understanding.

Important short-cuts added

More interesting…

The most amazing news we would like to inform is that on the 13th Octorber 2014, the first birthday of Easysocial was celebrated. Taking this opportunity, tending to express a huge thank to potential customers and welcome warmly new members to the Easysocial family, Stackideas gave out a 20% discount code to both new and renewal purchases. Especially, customers of ZooTemplate always receive 20% discount when buying extension. Let’s say Happy birthday to Easysocial again.


For all the above great features, why don’t you experience it and enjoy its excellence? Surely with users’ experiences before, you are believable to use it. Now, let’s take a maverlous gift from Easyblog Extension.

Thank you for your time taking on my blog. All of your responses are welcomed so drop some comments to let us know how you think about this issue. We are more than happy to hear from you!

New Book “Joomla! 3 – The Book for Everyone” Released

Nowadays, Joomla become more and more popular and gains a big amount of market share in this new technological industry. Joomla makes easily to build a website just the way you want and keep it simple to update and maintain. It’s easy to understand that why many interesting books written about Joomla are published continuously at this time. Simon Grange – one of the most wonderful writers by his professional knowledge also provides one impressive book like this. He has written a comprehensive book called Joomla! 3 –The  Book for everyone. That contributes to make Joomla Bookstore more flourish and give readers a diverse in choosing a suitable and useful book for their own target.

Take a book, you can see a short phrase that is printed on the book’s title “learn how to build and maintain your website with CMS Joomla!” to describe this book’s main content. A title isn’t too simple, not too complex but making an ideal and impressive interface for users at the first sight. It provides people all necessary ways and basic information in building website through our favorite CMS: Joomla. On the one hand, the book is available in both well-known languages: English and French. Thank to that, readers can be easy to understand or translate if necessary. On the other hand, by providing a plenty of images, screenshots, clear and reasonable examples, even detailed explanations.

In addition, book’s arrangement of content is very clear and reasonable. It is divided into 7 chapters. Each chapter gives full of information about special topic.

I would like to review briefly content of each chapter in this book below. That is also useful things I learn and keep in mind. I strongly believe that this knowledge helps not only me but also all people who read it carefully and make their own website.

The first chapter: Introduction to Joomla and Handling the administrator Interface.

Firstly, Simon Grange would like to give overview about what is Joomla all about and how could users navigate the site as well as the administrator interface. We cannot deny many wonderful advantages of Joomla which contribute significantly in creating a beautiful and outstanding web design. CMS functions is needed to understanding deeply that how it operate and take control display.

The second chapter: Managing content with Joomla

In order to post any articles online, that is implemented quickly and easily. Certainly, users don’t feel confused by Joomla’s supports. Content of the articles is arranged chronological and reasonable order. One important thing that you not only can put impressively articles online but also are provides a range of different ways in arranging content reasonable and eye-catching to attract readers.

The third chapter: Presentation of the Native Joomla Extensions.

Joomla is open resource which means you can make it work just the way you want. It offers a variety of features in general and built in extensions in particular. At the beginning of this chapter, author presents many definitions of different types of extensions offered by Joomla and a range of native extensions for Joomla. After that, you will have a basic guidance in constructing contact form, display banner, set up tags, etc.

The fourth chapter: Organizing the site navigation.

To help website become more flexible and your visitors could access any impressive items that they like, the rapidly navigation of a website contributes significantly in processing. A plenty of different elements are presented such as menu, modules, items … that Joomla offers. Thank to all, navigation of website become more effective and sensitive.

The fifth chapter: User management.

Restriction certain groups of users are necessary for each websites. Website become less effective and not highly secures if anyone can log in, take and repair it easily. You can control who sees what and who can do what on the frontend and the backend.

In this chapter, author show you a specific and detailed example how to set up the Access Control Level (ACLs) and how to restrict users.

The sixth chapter: Multi- lingual website (with left to right and right to left)

It is very necessary to make anyone can read and understand websites. So websites should be always requested to construct by multilingual languages. Nowadays, Joomla offers a multi-lingual system with any suitable languages for users if they want to navigate. Not important that where users come from, they still choose their own language to understand and process.

The seventh chapter: Maintenance and security

Maintenance and security is very important for operating well in the long- run period of a website. Webmasters don’t easily manage when many externality appear continuously with bad purposes, even tending to destroy.
That is the reason why in this last chapter, Simon Grange shows many useful ways to step by step in protecting your website such as how to back up, either manually or by using the extension Akeeba backup….

In conclusion, a huge of information above is my feeling and understanding about Joomla! 3 – the book for anyone a wonderful book of author Simon Grange. It’s really useful for who want to build one web when it supply detailed from starting to ending steps in supporting your target.
Let’s read carefully and remember all these knowledge. Nothing is useless for webmaster. Book contribute strongly in book treasure about technology and worthy for any time and generation.

If you have any wonders or questions, please contact Simon Grange to know more about this interesting book.


Follow @Simon // Facebook // Visit Simon’s website


Happy Customer with ZT One

ZT One is a new template of ZooTemplate. We are very happy after releasing it we receive many good feedbacks from our customers about the template. Today, we are proud to publish a review about  ZT One of the author “Ramya Raju– a customer of ZooTemplate and  after using the product, she is interested in it. Now, She is a freelance writer/web designer from India. She has  an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. She is generally an extrovert. She likes photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants.

ZT One review

ZT One is the new responsive Joomla agency template that has been launched by the ZooTemplate Club and it certainly holds a lot of promise. The first thing that strikes you about the template is its simplicity and the minimalistic design. It’s said that the template has been brought out for the creatively inclined who want to work on their portfolios, image demonstrations, online art galleries etc.

Zo2 framework is the backbone of the template and you will notice that it has a very clear homepage while the effects are just brilliant. It is obvious that some of the newest web design trends have been used while creating this template and you will see the presence of features like drag and drop layout, mega menu, full responsive design etc. Of course we will discuss these features in detail but for now let’s talk about the simplicity of use, which is a big advantage for users. Whether you want to change background styles, apply fonts, set colors or create layouts; a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes. Thus this template makes your task of creating a website a lot easier.

If you are a prolific blogger then you will particularly like the Easyblog extension option. It ensures that you can blog from wherever you might be without having to log onto your Joomla backend. Moreover you have it ready to be published anytime. Thus the template is not only simple and minimalistic but it’s quite creative as well, putting you on top of things.

The highlight of the template of course is its features, and here we look at them in close detail:

Responsive Web Design

When you start working with the template you see that it is completely responsive. Thus whatever device you might be viewing it on, the template will adapt to its resolution. That makes a lot of sense because your website will not lose its charm no matter what device it is seen on; laptop, computer, tablet or a Smartphone for that matter. You understand that responsive designs are a need of our times where a large number of users are mobile and this feature of the template is a big plus.

Z02 Framework

It’s a Joomla Templates Framework that is free, extensible and open source. Importantly, it’s also search engine optimized for your benefit. Responsive design styling for popular extensions and twitter bootstrap network are some of its hallmarks. The fact that it has an entire community behind it is quite reassuring. Drag & Drop Layout Builder is a feature that makes an instant impression because enables you to create layouts five times faster than your regularmeans.

Drag & Drop Layout Builder

Don’t have coding experience, that’s not a problem anymore. You can still go on to create unique and sensational looking layouts without any hassle. What’s more, you will also be able to create them five times faster than the traditional means. There are absolutely no hassles and it’s easy to get started now.

EasyBlog Extension

This is easily one of the standout features of the template and of course it is so relevant for the needs for today’s users. If you want to make an impression in the online world, you have to focus on the blog section. EasyBlog Extension ensures that now you can create blogs from just about anywhere, quickly and without having to log on to your Joomla backend. You can then publish the blog efficiently, getting all the attention for it.

FontAwesome Icons Integration

FontAwesome Icons result in scalable vector icons, which can be customized exactly according to your requirements. From size to color and drop shadow, you can have things just the way you want and make sure the icons look gorgeous at any size.

HTML5 and CSS3 Animations

HTML5 brings you a pleasant web experience and visualization quality, which is a result of rich markup and compatibility. Bootstrap coupled with LESS, which is the Dynamic Stylesheet language lets you achieve a lot. You can standardize the grid, modules and typography with ease.

Boxed and Wide Layouts

If you want to move from boxed to wide layout, a simple mouse click is all it takes. You can achieve that through the theme admin panel. You will find different options in the boxed layout including those to manage patents, colors and images as well.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization seems to be a thought at the back of the mind for creators of this template. You will find that the template has been optimized for on-screen optimization and uses several techniques to ensure that the page load speeds are high. It’s important to note that the template works fluently with SEO extensions to ensure that your rank is boosted.

Cross-Browser Support

The template is meant to look good on different types of browsers people might be using. And it lives up to that goal on a wide cross section of browsers from IE8 and IE9 to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, the Android Browser and more.

Several fonts and colors to choose from

This is the area where this template absolutely spoils you for choice. There are more than 600 fonts that you can pick from and endless options for color combinations. Thus when you are working with this template you have a lot to play around with. You have the option of uploading background images on per section bases. It is a deviation from the regular option of doing that on solid background color and thus you gain a lot of flexibility instantly.

Plenty of Shortcodes

 Clearly the focus has also been maintained on typography, usability and the complete user experience. ZT One ensures that shortcodes are delivered quickly so that you can create contents and layouts within hardly any time.

One the back of these features, you will see that the ZT One is a lot more than a simple and minimalistic option. It is filled with creative choices for you that can be used easily too.

We would like to say faithful thanks to Ramya Raju for sharing us her feeling of using ZT One. She gave us much valuable and meaningful information, which is practical and surely will make a strong belief on other customers. If you have any stories about ZooTemplate products, please share them with your customers.

If you wonder or have any questions, don’t hesitate instead of sharing us or leave a comment, we will contact you and reply as soon as possible.

Especially if you have any questions about Ramya Raju, please contact her to get more information:

Ramya Raju


E-mail id: ramyaraju896@gmail.com

Website:   http://www.colorcharacter.com/uk/

Customer Interview : Luciana Alves from Brazil

Today I am very happy to share with you a real experience of Zootemplate’s customer about her satisfaction of our template. Luciana Alves is the leadership in a social project for pacemarkers, www.pacemakerusers.com , which is using ZT Darki. She has just bought ZT Charity for her new project. She expresses her faithful thanks to ZooTemplate and its support service “Just to say that I’m very happy with ZooTemplate team commitment. Congratulations!”.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you about ZT Charity – one of the most excellent templates of ZooTemplate. It is a great choice for your charity, non-profit organization, foundation, education or any kind business websites. It’s focused on raising funds for your charity and alerting everyone about its importance and usefulness in the world. ZT Charity is full of features and functionalities that make you perfectly satisfied such as a large layer slider, fully responsive layout, amazing Custom HTML modules, Drop-down Mega menu, ZT News module, Zo2 framework and a lot.

Responsive Charity Joomla Template

I am really proud that Luciana Alves spends her precious time answering some our interview questions of her feeling, feedback and experience when using our ZT Charity. We don’t hesitate to share this feeling to you. Let’s start!


Pacemarkeruser  is a charity organization which helps patients with implantable devices, to share information related to healthcare and technology and to facilitate regional and global networking.


The following are some interview questions with answers provided by Luciana:

Why did you choose ZooTemplate as a Joomla provider?

I ‘m always looking for modern and cool things. ZooTemplates surprise me because the layouts are cleaner, beautiful and inspire to innovate.

The reasons why you chose ZT Charity?

I have a social project for people who have pacemakers. I’m a pacemaker user, and i have a project for this people. The ZT Charity, is perfect to my work. Have many modules to customize. I like because ZT Charity have different layout modules to show information. The general layout is very simple, modern, beautiful, useful, and cool.

The best experience you had with our template?

I bought others templates in ZooTemplate other times. The best is ZT Charity. ZooTemplate is always doing new and functional templates. It never is boring, always a good surprise.

Did you feel satisfied with our support service?

Definitely yes. I live in Brazil and the distance is not a problem. The communication is efficient. I always have a answer or resolutions for possible problems or bugs. too i can customize some modules with support team. I can talk online to and always I was answered. And i’m very exigent and i’m very happy with it.

Which suggestions do you have for our company? (Products + Support services)

I suggest some tutorial videos.

See if you need something more…

We would like to say faithful thanks to Luciana Alves for sharing us her feeling of using ZT Charity. She gave us much valuable information, which will make a strong belief on other customers. If you have any stories about ZooTemplate products, please share them with your customers.

If you wonder or have any questions, don’t hesitate instead of sharing us or leave a comment, we will contact you and reply as soon as possible.

Best Regard!





Best Joomla Hosting Companies

Are you meeting any difficulties in finding the best Joomla hosting company? In fact, to build a good website is hard, to find a good website host isn’t any easier. Since Joomla is such a popular and widely-used open source content management system, there are many affordable and reliable options for Joomla hosting exist on the market today. Choosing a suitable hosting provider in general and a web hosting provider in particular should depend on what type of Joomla site you want to have: hobby, blog, or e-commerce site. After reviewing 50+ web hosts, we had come out a list of best Joomla hosting over the Internet as following. The Joomla hosting rating is based on Joomla pre-installation, Joomla versions and prerequisite, modules and plugins, themes, and the performance of the shared web host. To choose the best web hosting for your Joomla templates websites, we recommend you going with the following companies which have been truly tested by our Joomla experts. Browse our listings of the best Joomla Hosting companies available, and get started with Joomla web hosting for your website today! Please follow the below lists of Joomla Hosting Companies and select your favorite one!



Arvixe, since 2003, is a great web hosting provider that offers both Windows and Linux hosting options. It’s priced at only $4/month with 1 free domain for life, and supports 6 parked domains. Arvixe web hosts support the latest cutting-edge web technology including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL. The control panel cPanel integrates with more than 50 application scripts that you can easily use to start your business, blog, e-commerce, album, forum or social network. They’re known for being very reliable and having friendly and helpful technical support. Arvixe gives you a 60-day full money back guarantee, which is long enough to test them out how good they are.

Customer scenarios: personal, small businesses.



HostGator provides unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, email accounts and MySQL databases. Under the guarantee for 99.9% web hosting service uptime and a 45-day FULL money back period, your purchase is complete guaranteed. HostGator has a wide range of plans including Hatchling ($3.96/month), Baby ($6.36/month) and Business ($10.36/month), allowing you start small and grow into larger plans as your need. Moreover, the support can be trusted. Their technical support can be reached through toll-free telephone, email and online chat all available 24/7. Your account is administered on HostGator using the cPanel control panel. From here, Joomla site runs very well.

Customer scenarios: personal sites, small and medium sized businesses


Rochen is a specialist in “performance hosting” with a focus on Joomla! site and other dynamic scripts. It provides excellent service when it comes to Joomla and other Open Source website hosting. Rochen hosts thousands of Joomla! powered websites including the Joomla project website, Joomla.org. When you host your Joomla site with them, you are able to take advantage of all this experience. So I highly recommend Rochen hosting for Joomla site, in the case that you’re looking for a fast, reliable shared web host with full “out of box” compatibility for Joomla! and popular third party extensions such as JomSocial, K2, DocMan, etcc.

Customer scenarios: small businesses, large sites, enterprise sites


site ground

SiteGround was established in August of 2003 in New York by a group of IT professionals. Almost 10 years later, they have over 1100 servers spread out in four different locations around the US. At $6.95 per month, SiteGround’s yearly hosting plan brings you very attractive and rich features including unlimited storage and bandwidth, and a free domain. Having received the “Best Joomla Host” award 2010, they are widely acclaimed for its Joomla-specific features. They provide a large free Joomla templates gallery with new Joomla 2.5 templates and extensions, extensive Joomla tutorials, free one-click Joomla installation and more. Besides this, they offer outstanding uptime and reliability to Joomla hosting users.

Customer scenarios: personal sites, small – medium businesses, large sites, enterprise sites.



Joomla is one of the most advanced tools on the internet for building feature rich corporate, small business, personal and non-profit; web sites, intranets, portals and ecommerce stores. GreenGeeks is an Award Winning Joomla hosting company. The Joomla software has been downloaded more than 14 million times and they have one of the largest and most user friendly communities on the internet for webmaster. Its award winning Joomla hosting is due to the fact that it has great service and support as well as the fact that its servers are perfectly configured for Joomla version 1.5 and their next expected version 1.6. Green Geeks provides 300% green energy web hosting plans. Their eco-friendly servers are perfectly configured for current and past versions of Joomla. GreenGeeks is committed to providing you with the best experience for your Joomla hosting. They’ve got an impressive Joomla help center section which includes video tutorials on how to get the most out of Joomla. The GreenGeeks team is friendly, accessible and as committed to their clients as they are about protecting our environment.


vps hostingd


Founded in January 1997, myhosting.com is a leading worldwide provider of superior, affordable and reliable web hosting services. With over 60,000 hosting customers in over 140 countries, myhosting.com continues to demonstrate an extraordinary level of value and choice to its customers., myhosting.com is continually committed to providing leading hosting services by utilizing the best available technology and services from companies such as: Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Intel Corporation, Equinix, Parallels, Tucows, RIM, Google, Global Relay, Dell, NetApp, Level 3, Tata and Cogeco. If you would like to learn more, please visit its parent company web site.



Site5 is an easy web hosting to use. They don’t want to make web hosting any more complicated than it already is, and our online control panel is designed to be very easy to use. They are constantly making adjustments to improve usability and you can try a demo and take tours of their Web HostingReseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. For each new hosting account at Site5, we will plant one tree. We have partnered with MokuGift and the UN Environment Program for this “green” way to offset our servers’ overall impact on the planet. Also our company and workforce is designed around a remote environment, so that we do not have to put out the waste that comes with your typical office environment. Be sure to check out its Green Hosting information page to learn more about how Site5 is environmentally friendly, and what impact your new hosting account could have in the world, today.

1 and 1


If you’re looking for an easy way to publish your ideas or offers, free webhosting sites are your best choices. 1&1 offers you professional website hosting packages with secure dual hosting. This means your website is hosted simultaneously at two data centers in two separate locations. Free website hosting at 1&1 means all-inclusive prices, full scalability, and 24/7 support. Your hosting package includes everything you need for the professional performance of your website: unlimited web space and traffic, web address (domain name) of your choice, free e-mail accounts, PHP programming, MySQL databases, and secure dual hosting. You can also choose between Linux and Windows hosting. Furthermore, you receive at least two Click & Build applications as well as mobile website editing software. When your project grows, you can easily upgrade your 1&1 website hosting package. With just a few clicks you get more web space with significantly more memory for longer execution time and more parallel processes. No matter how many visitors respond to your website, 1&1 ensures it runs smoothly. All of its hosting packages include knowledgeable technical support by phone or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its well-trained staff addresses your issues quickly and professionally. And it’s toll-free!

Interative Online

Interactive Online   Web Design   Web Hosting Services

Interactive Online is a privately held company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create a powerful online presence easily and economically. Founded in 1997, Interactive Online has grown considerably by providing a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the latest technology. Interactive Online is able to successfully meet its customer’s evolving needs. Its value-packed plans keep your costs low and profits high. Additionally, by carefully managing its growth and remaining privately owned, it has avoided the financial hardships that so many publicly traded web services firms have experienced. Interactive Online utilizes state-of-the-art data center facilities. Its customers receive all the benefits of more expensive hosting services at an extremely competitive price. The greatest factor in its success is the quality of its network, which rests on two foundations – structural diversity and technological excellence.


dream host

Web Hosting Made Easy

Hosting for small to larger websites, WordPress blogs and ecommerce. Get it all online starting at $ 8.95/mo. Dreamhost has plenty of options for you.

Shared Hosting ( Rock-solid Website Hosting) : Perfect for websites and blogs.

  • Free Domain Home
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee

WordPress Hosting ( Worry-Free WordPress Hosting): The best way to run WordPress

  • Automatic WordPress Install
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Use Any Theme or Plugin
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Hosted on Virtual Private Serves

DreamHost customers are as creative as they are entrepreneurial! We’ve gone our of our way to provide everything you’ll need to get your dreams online


Professional Web Hosting from HostMonster

HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Our internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost. It offers:

  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space
  • UNLIMITED Site Bandwidth
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
  • SSH Access (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Statsm, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL
  • Front Page Extensions,
  • Free Domain Forever
  • Free Site Builder
  • Best Support in the Industry.

Web Hosting Pad

web hsoting

At Web Hosting Pad, we are very confident in our products and services. We provide a fast, reliable and comprehensive service that we believe you will be completely satisfied with.
Webhostingpad.com was formed in 2005 with a team of very successful and proven industry veterans intent on delivering the best value in web hosting. With the growing need for affordable hosting, the company set out to deliver the best web hosting at a price where everyone can afford to have their piece of the world wide web. Webhostingpad.com remains committed to delivering the best value in Internet hosting by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence, all with a price structure driven by value.
With Webhostingpad.com you can count on:

  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • Quality Brand name Equipment
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • State-of-the-Art Data Center
  • 30 day Money-back Guarantee
  • Backup Solution for your Website
  • NO Hidden Fees !!

Many website owners choose Joomla as their content management system of choice because it is flexible, open source and does everything they want it to do such as polls, blogs,templates, printable pages, and page caching. Thousands of Joomla extensions are available. But whether you are a newbie or a seasoned Joomla user, you need the best Joomla hosting plan: One that fully supports the many capabilities of Joomla and offers you the most bandwidth, disk space and up time for your monthly web hosting spend. The many excellent Joomla hosting services we have listed above come with a variety of features and always-there tech support. Honestly, choosing good web hosting service, whether it’s free or premium, is difficult but important; you need to think carefully. We hope that you can find a suitable Joomla web hosting provider for your own site after reading these two blog posts. Also, don’t hesitate to share with us any web hosting services that you know of by leaving your comments!

Thank you so much!

Top 27 Joomla Experts You Should Follow

Joomla is one of the most widely-used content management systems available to website developers. Joomla is a robust, expandable, upgraded and easily-manipulated platform from which to build today’s modern, multi-faceted websites. Hiring an experienced Joomla development firm to build or service your website can save significant money over other forms of website development. As an open source content management system, Joomla has a community of supporters and developers working to ensure that your site can set the pace in and era when websites demand greater and ever-expanding functionality. So, on your adventure journey to become a good Joomla guru, there are many Joomla Experts need to follow. Follow them to learn and improve skills on your way. In the process of searching, we make Top 27 Joomla Experts you should follow. Why don’t you look at this list and choose your own idols? Surely, they will give you many big influences and valuable experiences that are very useful & essential on your successful road.

Brian Teeman


He’s available to speak on a range of topics anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an engaging speaker who doesn’t do “chalk and talk” then please get in touch. He’s presented on Joomla! and Internet related subjects all across the world to audiences from one to five hundred. No audience scares him although one or two have given him a fright. With a background in both IT and Social Work, He’s been around the Open Source software world since the mid ’90s. I co-founded the first UK Linux ISP and helped launch the first Linux distribution targeted at the UK. As one of the founders of Joomla! and prior to that a Core Team member of Mambo He has experience working on Joomla! powered web sites for clients big and small.

In 2005 He was honored with an award for “UK Individual Contribution to Open Source Software” the first and only winner not to be a programmer and in 2009 the readers of Computer Weekly chose his blog as the Open source in business blog of the year.

You can follow Brian on:

Visit Brian’s Blog // Follow @Brian // Facebook

Mike Veeckmans


Mike is also active in the Joomla community as author for the Joomla Community Magazine, supporting some Joomla groups, giving presentations at Joomla days and part of some workgroups (CCT, JDE, …). Joombiz.eu is specialized in Joomla solutions for SMB, non profits, educational institutes & enterprises. In June 2013 Mike started this company after quitting Spizzy BVBA. Joombiz.eu provides web design, trainings, consultancy, hosting (by partner), webmaster services, etc.

You can follow Mike on:

Visit Mike’s Blog //Follow @Mike // Facebook

Sarah Watz


Sarah is the President of Open Source Matters and has been on the OSM board since October 2012. Sarah was the president of Joomla! User Association Sweden during 2009-2012 and the project manager for Joomla! Day Sweden 2012. Sarah has been working on the project to make the Joomla Certification come to life during 2013-2014. Sarah Watz has been working with marketing, communication and sales for 20 years. Sarah’s passion is to provide great business value in the projects she is involved with. As the passionated Joomla! evangelist Sarah is she runs the web agency PIXPRO delivering Joomla CMS web solutions and runs PIXPRO LABS (providing the popular extension PixSearch).

You should follow Sarah on:

Visit Sarah’s Blog // Follow @ Sarah // Facebook

Nico van Leeuwen


Nico got experience years in Joomla not just from his profession but also from his hobbies. He can work with a very diverse range of computer applications and hardware varieties. My goal is to have a very diverse job in an informal small company. I would like to use my technical skills but also my networking capabilities. Nico is very resourceful in finding solutions for everyday problems.

You can follow Nico on:

Visit Nico’s Blog // Follow @Nico

Jen Kramer


Jen specializes in teaching web design and web development skills, in person, online, in video and in written format. Specialties: Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Joomla, Joomla training, Joomla teaching, commercial Joomla courses, Responsive Joomla templates, (X)HTML, usability, CSS, information architecture, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, content organization, website critiques, lynda.com, curriculum development. She is really a powerful woman in the Joomla community.

You can follow Jen on:

Visit Jen’s Blog // Follow @Jen // Facebook

Daniel Dimitrov


Daniel is a Joomla Expert and enthusiastic programmer. He is considered a great person to work with & has received excellent comments about his skills and expertise. His company compojoom.com has great products for Joomla powered websites. Most of them have free & pro versions and the quality of the support has been praised many times.

You can follow Daniel on:

Visit Daniel’s Blog // Follow @Daniel // Facebook

David Hurley


David Hurley is an open source advocate and travels most weeks of the year to speak around the world on topics of tech, PHP and open source software. He is the community manager for Joomla – the second largest content management system in the world. He is also a member of the production leadership team and the framework maintainers. David writes obsessively at http://dbhurley.com and is an active partner in several businesses.

You can follow David on:

Follow @David // Facebook

Nicholas Dionysopoulos


Nicholas is the Director at Akeeba Ltd. He is a very efficient  technical service and procurement engineer with a very good knowledge of Joomla. He’s quick to pick up the coding conventions and code structure, starting to yield positive results very fast. He’s equally competent when dealing directly with clients, e.g. during beta testing or when providing support. It has been a great joy working with him for over a year.

You can follow Nicholas on:

Vist Nicholas’s Blog // Follow @Nicholas // Facebook

Danny Zeegers


Danny is a Software Architect (Magento, Joomla, C#,OpenERP, PHP) – Google Engage partner – CHIEF CYBER SECURITY OFFICER – Software test team – Technical writer, Business process analyst. Specialties: Open source, Office365, integrating OpenERP, web design with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress CMS, cloud-expert, cloud security integration, Digital Marketing , Google SEO and SEA.

You follow Danny on:

Visit Danny’s Blog // Follow @Danny

Sander Potjer


Sander’s passion for Joomla! began back in 2005 when he designed and built a Joomla! web site for his rowing team. His involvement with the Joomla! community started in 2008 as co-founder of the local Dutch community www.joomlacommunity.eu. At the moment, Sander is an active member of the Joomla! Community Leadership Team (CLT) and he is also chairman of ‘Stichting Sympathy, a foundation that promotes and supports Joomla! in the Netherlands. In addition to this Sander is the developer of ACL Manager, a populair Joomla extension to manage Joomla ACL easily, and partner of Perfect Web Team, a company specialized in Joomla! projects.

You can follow Sander on:

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Radek Suski


Radek Suski is the Board Member at Open Source Matters. He is software Engineer ( Assembler/C/C++/Java/PHP/UML). He is also developer of the Best Directory Component for Joomla – SOBI, Linux Server administrator. He has specialties on PHP Development, UML Design, Joomla Development, Java Development.

You can follow Radek on:

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Viktor Vogel


Joomla! Specialist @ 1&1 Internet — Extensions Developer @ Kubik-Rubik Joomla Extensions. Viktor is enthusiastic and responsible, always helps others when they need. With many experience years of Joomla, he is willing to support you any circumstance. Don’t hesitate instate of being active to contact hom when you meet difficulties.

You can follow Viktor on:

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Emmanuel Danan


Emmanuel is the owner of Vistamedia. This is a famous website with many joomla sites such as Joomla.org, Forum Joomla.org, Forge Joomla.org, Dev Joomla.org…He is a Joomla expert in Joomla community. If you meet any problems related to Joomla Template, don’t hesitate, send them to him.

You follow Emmanuel on:

Follow @Emmanuel // Follow @Emmanuel // Facebook

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen


Ronni is the Board Member at IT Forum Fyn. His main title is CEO & Founder of redWEB ApS. He has many experience years in Joomla. With the role of Project Manager he has successfully big projects. He specializes on Web design, Development, Hosting. If you meet any difficult problems in Joomla, please send them to him , He will help you enthusiastically.

You follow Ronni on

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Tessa Mero


Tessa’s open to new opportunities in the Snohomish County area, worked for years as a web developer and over a year as a college instructor. Her skills lie more around database management, teaching, and programming. A professional person when it comes to the Joomla! CMS. She hs Just joined the board of directors with Open Source Matters, Inc. She wouldn’t mind landing a “Developer Evangelist” position. Teaching programming is where her passion is. With her actively seeking work, it’s time to explore what’s out there!

You can follow Tessa on:

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Abdul Wahab Kath


Abdul is the business development Manager at Kath Textile. He can many experience years in Web Design & Development, especially in the field of Joomla and there are many successful big projects. Besides, Abdul specializes on Content Management System, Open Source, PHP, WordPress. If you have any problems related to Joomla, don’t hesitate, let’s send them to his contact. He will help you to solve it well.

Visit Abdul’s Blog // Follow @Abdul

Saurabh Shah


Saurabh is a Joomlaholic , by Profession he is a front-end developer @ cloudaccess.net. You’ll usually find him busy coding Joomla! templates and themes, styling Joomla! extensions, and keeping up to date with web technologies. He has been working with Joomla! since early 2008. H e is well versed with PHP, CSS(3), HTML(5), database applications, jQuery, JavaScript, and Photoshop. Saurabh has a master’s degree in computer science. Currently he is a Board member of Open Source Matters Inc. (OSM), Joomla! Event Team Member, Member of Joomla User Group(JUG) Team , Joomla! Social Media Team and he is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events around the world and member of JoomlaDay India organizer team.

You can follow Saurabh on:

Follow @Saurabh // Facebook

Venkadesh N


Now, Venkadsh is Managing Director, Tech Lead at Navabrind IT Solutions. He has more than 7 years of experience in open source technologies and core skills especially Joomla. His major focus is on with e-commerce solutions/online shopping cart implementations. Besides, he achieved vast knowledge on PHP, Mysql, Virtuemart, Magento…

You can follow Venkadesh on:

Visit Venkadesh’s Blog

David Jardin


David is web developer, open source enthusiast, Joomlaholic, member of the Joomla CLT. Besides, he is Former Community Leadership Team Member at Joomla. He is young, energetic and responsible. If you have any Joomla problems, contact him and he will quickly reply to you soon.

You can follow David on:

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Denes Szekely


Fell in love with IT in the fall of 1980 as a student. Denes left my physics engineering (more precisely Nuclear Fuel Engineering – MSc in 1985) career for computing, obtained my MSc degree in computing in 1989, since working as programmer, sys admin, IT expert. He has specialties in Joomla, SEO, HTML, PHP and so on. He is followed by many professional Joomla experts about his experience and skills.

You can follow Denes on:

Visit Denes’s Blog // Follow @Denes

Parth Lawate


Parth is a Mechanical Engineer by Profffesion. He has been working in the field of Web Development for the last 5 years especially Joomla. His experience as a Outdoor expert in Sahyadris & Himalayas is more than 6 years. He specializes on We at Tekdi Eco Services are working towards a greener living. We provide expertise in arranging outdoor tours, treks & adventure related activities.

You can follow Parth on:

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Ofer cohen


Ofer is the founder S.D.O.C Ltd | Co-Founder& CTO at Merchico | Open source evangelist. He starts as Lamp developer & Web application specialist IT & Software development. He has specialties in Joomla, MySQL, PHP expert developer Technology business development. If you have any Joomla problems, please send them to Ofen, He will help you to solve them perfectly.

You can follow Ofen on:

Visit Ofer’s Blog // Follow @Ofer

Maria Memon


Maria is working as a Sr. Web and application Developer in Joomla development company. I have expertise in Custom Joomla Development including Joomla Theme, CMS, Template, PlugIn, Blog, VirtueMart development. She is an expert Joomla Developer at Joomla Development Company. 

You can follow Maria on:

Visit Maria’s Blog // G+// Facebook

Akarawuth Tamrareang


Akarawuth is one of the first Asia joomla experts in this list. In 2003, Akarawuth became fully involved in the open source movement as a developer. He initiated the Web site MamboHub.com as a community for Mambo enthusiasts. When the Joomla Project was created, he and LaiThai team were there to contribute and drive Joomla even further with funding for a new regional portal www.joomlacorner.com. Currently, Akarawuth and his team are the only group in Thailand working closely with the Joomla Project. They work with various Project teams including the Translation Working Group (Thai/Lao), the Joomla Bug Squad,the Joomla Events Team and Mentor for the Google Summer of Code program

Akarawuth and his team have organized various events and Joomla Days in Thailand already. They are very active in consulting with other teams in the region and help whenever they can to provide suitable support and share knowledge with the local community. Akarawuth joined the Joomla Events Team in 2008 and works primarily in the Asian region.

You can follow Akarawuth on:

Visit Akarawuth’s Blog // Follow @Akarawuth // Facebook

Sam Moffatt


Sam Moffatt is a long term Joomla! developer focusing on backend platform and libraries. Joomla! Production Leadership Team and Development Coordinator – Joomla.org , Lead System Engineer – Sears Holdings Corporation. Sam’s primary work in the Joomla! space has been around the Joomla! extension installer and updater as well as authentication systems. Sam presently works for eBay’s analytic platform and delivery group working on an internal Joomla! powered intranet site. Sam’s previous employers include the University of Southern Queenslandas an analyst programmer working on open source products (Moodle, ePrints and VuFind) and prior to that Toowoomba Regional Councilwhere Andrew Eddie introduced him to Joomla!. Sam’s has almost completed his masters in computer science and is looking forward to his unbroken 6 year track record speaking at one of the biggest JoomlaDay’s on the planet – JoomlaDay Bangkok.

You can follow Sam on:

Visit Sam’s Blog // Follow @Sam // Facebook

Mark Lee


Mark started off picking up PHP and Mambo since 2004 while running his own web hosting business and he got hooked up with Joomla when many of his clients wanted to migrate from Mambo. During 2007, he decided to take the plunge to join Slashes & Dots Sdn Bhd (JomSocial™) . He was initially responsible to provide assistance to customers as well as the development progress for both MyBlog and Jom Comment (A very famous Joomla extension). When Jomsocial initally took off during 2008, he has been actively working on the core of JomSocial and integrations with many famous 3rd party extensions until early 2011.

He recently joined StackIdeas (The creators of the famous blog component for Joomla!, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss) as a software developer and customer service specialist. Now, StackIdeas is a partner of Zootemplate

You can follow Mark on:
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Johan Janssens


Johan Janssens is a Belgian web architect, tech entrepreneur and free software advocate. In the past 10 years Johan has spend most his time creating and advocating free and open source software and helping evolve the world wide web. Johan is most know as co-founder and lead developer of Joomla, an open source content management system used by more than 3% of all the sites on the internet. To date, he is still considered to be the largest contributor to the Joomla codebase. In October 2008 Johan was recognised for his contributions as ‘Most Valued Person’ for Joomla. He is also co-founder/director of Timble and advisor of Ideapod.com, Beyounic.com, two venture backed web start-up.

You can follow Johan on:

Visit Johan’s Blog // Follow @Johan // Facebook

Above is the list of the best Joomla Experts that you should follow. Spending a little time each day to read their blog posts, check their status or discuss with them on a topic you want to learn more about Joomla, We are sure they’ll be the greatest teachers for you. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate instead of sharing with them. They are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. We believe that they will be the best Joomla experts teaching you many valuable experience and skills on your successful road. And feel free to share with us the Joomla experts you love and what you’ve learnt from them. We’d love to discuss with you guys on that.

Who are your favorite Joomla experts to follow on Twitter? Let us know if we forgot anyone in the comments!

Thanks for Mike Veekamans’s precious suggestions of Joomla Experts. We have just updated a list of Joomla Experts. 

Kind regard!

Happy For Holidays of Vietnam’s Independence Day

Dear Beloved Customers, Partners and Employees,

Zootemplate Club would like to express our faithful thank and best attitude to all the Customers and Partners over the last time.

To any country, Independence Day is an important historical, political or cultural event associated with its current status. In most nations, this holiday originally leads to the birth of the country. Similarly in Vietnam, the origin of this day tracks back to the year of 1945. On September 2nd, thousands of people gathered at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi to listen to the Declaration of Independence read by Ho Chi Minh, the first President of Vietnam, which officially stated that Vietnam was free from French’s colonial force. From that moment on, every year is the same as Vietnamese people have been always celebrating this meaningful occasion. In addition, this special event aims at commemorating the Independence of Vietnam after hundred years under France’s colonization.

Zootemplate is going to enjoy Vietnam’s Independence Day from 30th August 2014 to 2nd September 2014, so we now inform you this event in advance. Hopefully, you can enjoy warm and happy moments with us. We will come back with you soon on 3rd September, 2014.  During the period, you may not receive our feedback in the ticket support, we are sorry for that. However, you may encounter some delays on email responses due to the temporary understaffing.

As our gift, we will give our customers 30% discounts for all membership packages. The coupon code : ZOO292014 ( Starting from  08/25/14 to 09/02/14 )

Thanks for your sympathy and continuous support! Wish you a happy and safe holiday!



Top 10 Ideal Places to Find Free Joomla Templates

Joomla is one of the most popular free content management systems (CMS) in the world that allows you to easily create and manage a dynamic website. It has an intuitive management interface to control all the features and functionality this powerful CMS possesses. With a record download by over 35 million users worldwide, the demand for these templates is on a constant rise. Nowadays there are many websites that offer an exciting range of Free Joomla templates. The free templates are very useful for small business owners who can later subscribe to premium services as they grow. By the way, we collect Top 10 ideal places to find Free Joomla Templates that suit with your need. We hope they will be meaningful and essential for you business.



Joomla24 is one of the important sites for people to search for free 1.5 Joomla template as it is the destination to over 3100 exciting options with a wide range of different themes to choose from. You can find almost anything here, and depend on what you’re looking for, Joomla24 will give you a chance to select and get you off to a good start.



What’s amazing! The first attractive thing of this site is that the homepage is very cool and impressive. It is one of the most crucial sources for obtaining free Joomla templates. The new users to Joomla can also join the developer’s club on the site to get important Joomla lessons through online training. These templates are more convenient to use as they offer templates with XHTML compatibility and CSS that eliminates the limitations of designing as in the case of HTML table designing patterns.



Zootemplate.com is one of the most popular Joomla Clubs. All Joomla templates & extensions are easy to update and customize. Any one can use without having programming knowledge. Our responsive joomla templates respond perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and the browser size of your site visitor. Moreover, Zootemplate uses Zo2 framework with awesome layout slider, powerful customization and bootstrap integration. That way, your site will look great no matter what sort of device it’s viewed on. It releases many excellent free joomla templates. At which you will be comfortable to download free templates without worrying about anything.



SiteGround welcomes you to our new Joomla templates gallery. It is one of the best sources free 1.5 Joomla templates as the site launches a fresh set of current free Joomla designs on a weekly basis. Providing affordable hosting services they provide free services for Joomla installation, migration, and Joomla tutorials. Here, you will find free, professional design for all major Joomla versions including Joomla 3 templates.  It adds new, fresh designs regularly in order to provide you with large variety of templates to choose from.



This website offers several free 2.5 and 3 Joomla templates apart from the regular 1.6 or 1.7 templates. There are slideshow features in some of these templates. Download our free joomla templates here, or you can find further free joomla templates and corresponding commercial versions of the themes in the menus. The joomla 2.5 templates are also compatible with joomla 1.6 and 1.7, and the newest joomla 3.3 templates are also compatible with version 3. 3.1 and 3.2.



JoomlaShine is widely recognized as a Source of FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Templates. We focus on the design, functionality and usability of both Free Hi-Quality Products and Commercial Products. JoomlaShine has supplied a wide range of templates and extensions, with a constant improvement in the quality of its products, since its birth in 2005. They also offer a free edition for all commercial products. You will get loads of information about Joomla along with tutorials on the site.



JoomlaArt is one of the most preferred websites for Premium Joomla templates. The biggest reason is because of its updates to the current versions (at present 2.5 or 3.0) that are regularly added to the site. These templates have a very professional look to create a corporate image for the site.

Shape 5


Shape 5 is one of the longest running Joomla template clubs with plenty of templates to choose from, well you would need plenty when you have over 100,000 members! Their templates use bespoke javascript and come packed with features and the psd sources. You can even hire their coders to shape the template more to your liking.
Shape 5 offers 5 signup options.



We had to put Yootheme at the top of the list due to the fact that these templates are truly premium and packed to the rafters with features. These features include everything from modules, plufins and the graphic source files plus a huge amount more. Just the components alone are something to be desired. Yootheme offer 3 types of memberships that cater to a variety of people and their needs including single users and developers.



The RocketTheme Joomla Template Club features exclusive access to beautifully designed Joomla templates to give your Joomla site a stunning and unique look with incredible functionality. At Rocket Theme you can get a plethora of add-ons and over 60 Joomla website themes. These templates offer a contemporary look to your site. RocketTheme aims to be the complete solution to your site development needs.

Into all websites which offer free joomla templates we have chosen these websites above. We hope that Top 10 places to find Free Joomla Templates will be a believable and useful place for you to download templates. Everyone of above websites offers help and tips about the templates such as installation and other features. If you have any difficulties, please contact with us: support@zootemplate.com. What’s more, we will update new places to download Free Joomla Templates for you. Please follow us to get more information!



Top 15 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2014

Joomla offers lots of flexibility for your business/corporate website by offering professionally designed rich Joomla templates. These templates are beautifully designed with their clean and minimalist approach, which is not only for any purposes such as business, corporate, web design or development but also it provides an advanced and secure environment for the development of different kind of websites. Now, there are lots of places where you can download Free joomla templates or premium joomla templates. Responsive joomla templates can keep the original structure of sites therefore they support many devices without any problems whether you are using a computer, a laptop or smartphones or any other devices. It’s little bit difficult to find some free joomla templates and here we try our best to collect Top 15 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2014 with even more challenges and excitement in Joomla template development.

Purity III

Purity III is the best responsive Joomla template that you won’t get enough of for almost everything: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site, or just about any Joomla projects you have in mind. Built on the robust T3 Framework, Purity III is fully responsive, supports Bootstrap 3 at core, highly compatible with most of the 3rd party Joomla extensions in the community, easily customize with Theme Magic or Layout Configuration, supporting multiple layouts and stunning typography pages.

Download the Purity III|| See the Purity III Demo


JSN Yoyo is a distinctive Joomla template that is best for portfolio blogs website. its custom design looks awesome in all resolutions. just a look ate demo to view all of its features. It has the one-page interface which allows delivers a brand-new experience to the visitors when a website acts as a storyteller. Besides the extended styles for K2 & Kunena, it also works intuitively on all devices with the responsive layout.

Download the JSN Yoyo || See the JSN Yoyo Demo

ZT F7 Free joomla template

If you are looking for a small and clean responsive Joomla template, ZT F7 for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x might be the option for you. The template is designed specially with the small business in mind and is perfect for people who don’t know how to code. This simple responsive template is built on the popular Zo2 Framework with lots of outstanding features. Not only that, F7 also includes a ton of customization options from color to custom logo to the appearance of the slider. It has intuitive layout and to be the easiest using templates. As responsive template, ZT F7 looks great on Ipad, Iphone and other devices. ZT F7 Joomla template is a free but more module positions, more efficient, faster. Check out the live demo and explore it now.

Download the ZT F7 template || See the ZT F7 template Demo

JSN Glamo

JSN Glamo has everything you need for fashion & retail websites because it is specially equipped with an extended style for Red Shop. It has a feminine, attractive and modern design which visually captures the clients interest due to the vibrant color variations, clean layout and mobile-friendly.

Download the JSN Glamo || See the JSN Glamo Demo

Magezine Joomla

Minimalist yet informative, our free Magazine Joomla! The best responsive and FREE Joomla template for blog or news website. The template creates a modern masterpiece of metro-design to satisfy the needs of today’s high-speed world.

Download the Magazine Joomla || See the Magazine Joomla Demo

Music Free

Make your own music website with this responsive and free Joomla template for Joomla 3 & 2.5. This is best for music websites and blogs. With this free responsive Joomla template you can make tile-based websites with ease; it’s just the ticket for blog or magazine websites with remarkable features that make use of some of the most flexible Joomla modules on the market.

Download the Music Joomla || See the Music Joomla Demo

Fee Joomla template ZT Zizia

ZT Zizia from ZooTemplate is a free business joomla template with modern touch, which makes it compatible to most kind of business website. ZT Zizia becomes a modern business template with completely slick and creative design where the minimalist needs meet the clean and freshness. Besides, ZT Zizia also provides you a completely professional corporate environment to showcase your company and products. It is totally agreeable to say that the quality of ZT Zizia exceeds most templates found in premium market.

Download the Free Joomla Template || See the Free Joomla Template Demo

JM Business- Marketing

The free responsive template for Joomla 2.5 can be used for any business due to its clear design. The template layout adjusts to small screen of any mobile device. Check the typography since you will find samples of very useful custom code that you can place on your site. The template setting allows you to configure lots of parameters like fonts, template width or more advanced – support for Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools.

Download the Business – Marketing || See the Business – Marketing Demo

Free joomla template ZT Xenia

Think of valued customers with the affection born of our long friendship, we’re honored to present a free joomla template. ZT Xenia is made by our dedicated team of designers who know what the quality means. Being designed as one of the world’s largest premium joomla template with fully support of K2 CCK, Mega Menus, RTL languages, Color Tools, ZT Xenia is the best combination of visual efficiency and simplicity of editing.

Download the Free joomla template ZT Xenia || See the Free joomla template ZT Xenia Demo

Valera J3


Valera is a clean and unique layout suitable for a wide variety of websites. Now, you have complete color control on every element of the design. Check out some examples of styles created by clicking on example styling in the top navigation. These styles can be achieved in a few minutes by simply changing a few template parameters to achieve the look you want for your Joomla website.

Download the Valera J3 || See the Valera J3 Demo

Proto Joomla Template

Proto Joomla Template are designed to work with all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari. This template is completely built with latest web techniques HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+ and jQuery. CMS Joomla 2.5+/3.1/3.2. 72+base module positions, many color schemes, color picker, easy layout adjustment, Responsive Design, Google Fonts

Download the Proto Joomla Template || See the Proto Joomla Template Demo

Cirrus – Green

Cirrus-Green is a business design Joomla template which is easily accessible and clean design and is basically used for business purpose. It is an ideal template for businesses or organizations looking to build their own website.

Download the Cirrus – Green || See the Cirrus – Green Demo

ST Orddie

It is one of the best, simple and multi-feature responsive portfolio template for Joomla. It is very easy to develop and control of Joomla templates for you and your website.

Download the ST Orddie || See the ST Orddie Demo

SJ Joomla3 template

SJ Joomla3 Template  is extremely best light and multi-feature responsive portfolio template for Joomla. It is very easy to develop and control of Joomla templates for you and your website.

Download the SJ Joomla3 template || See the SJ Joomla3 template

Beauty Salon

The free responsive template for Joomla 2.5 can be used to beauty salon due to its clear design

Download the Beauty Salon || See the Beauty Salon Demo

All the templates are professional and best suited for corporate/business websites. Every theme has their own features such as homepage slider, bootstrap, custom layout design, social media icons, footer widget section, portfolio design and the most important that you want to know is the responsive design that can fit in all resolutions to create a best user-friendly interface. We hope that Top 15 Best Free responsive Joomla Templates 2014 will be the best updated themes for your business without costing but high efficiency.