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New ZooTemplate interface – New experiences.

Long time no see!

ZooTemplate want to hello to October with our new website interface. Today, we are more than happy to inform you about that. We hope that “a new ZooTemplate” will bring you a lot of amazing experiences on surfing, shopping and having a good time with us.

So why do we need to move to a new “outfit”?

All we want to do is that bring you better experiences on the internet so the latest version of ZooTemplate site will provide you with a lot of benefits:

  • You can obtain the faster loading speed.
  • The site is fully optimized on all hand-held devices
  • With better UI/UX, it is much easier for the customers to find latest products and desired pages. The navigation is really helpful with new functions: icon search, member, buy now, support…
  • The page Product Showcase and Product Detail are re-designed in order that the customers can catch up with the latest news as soon as possible.
  • The page Pricing (Buy Now), FAQ, Contact Us… become more simple to give the customer a simple process to work with.
  • Our blog is rationally arranged so there will be no difficulty for the customers updating the latest information about products, tips, tricks and other promotions.

One more reason, now you can find both Joomla templates and WordPress themes within our site. The demand for WordPress themes is increasing dramatically so we hope to meet your needs with our high-quality themes.

Now, just get around the site again and feel free to share you feeling!

Strengthen your Joomla! Site security – Have you ever thought about?

Hacking and bugs are always the best problems to be worry about when you own a website. This is the reason why you must pay attention to protect your Joomla site and improve its security. Today, some tips will be given out to help you feel safe with you Joomla site.

Manage Jooma and extensions updated

It is a strong advice that you should update your site with the latest version of Joomla as soon as possible. When a new version is released, many bugs will be fixed and many security configurations will be added. The longer you hesitate to update Joomla, the more chance of being hacked will you receive.

And do the same with Joomla extensions!

Use strong login details

Remember that you must not use passwords like admin, admin123, 123456 … and so on if you want to keep your Joomla site safe. A strong password concludes:

  • No less than 8 characters in the length
  • No username, real name, school name or company name
  • A mixture of uppercase, lowercase characters and numbers

There are many free tools which generate strong passwords on the internet so find one and keep your account safe. Then change it regularly!

Often do backup your site

Files and database from your site should be backed up frequently in case you Joomla site is pulled into trouble. You can back up your site manually or use available Joomla extensions.

Remove unused Joomla extensions

You may install many extensions to your site, test them and forget them. Not only make your site slower, this will bring you many troubles that you may ignore. Now, check all of the extension and keep only important ones left then see how better your site works.

Make your Administrative page a secret

It is also a good idea when you hide your admin configuration area from the potential hackers by using a secret URL to access the backend. If you protect your administrator folder, one more password will be required to lead you to the standard login form. If you use a dynamic IP address, you will have to edit the .htaccess file everytime your IP changes.

They are some tips we would like to suggest you to prevent your Joomla site form hackers and bad things so on. Of course, there are still many other ways for you to choose.

If you have anything interesting, feel free to share to make the world better!

[Amazing News – 25% Off] – Nice Gifts for Liberation Day and International Labor Day

Dear Valued Customer

The April 2015 is coming nearer and nearer to the end of its destination. If you have tried hard these days, slow down your hands and have some days off for this amazing holiday: Liberation Day (April 30th) and International Labor Day (May 1st)

We would like to inform that ZooTemplate will be closed from April 28th to May 3rd. Those days are our national holidays so supporting speed will be affected. If beyond 24 hours, you do not receive our reply, please do not worry because we will be trying to resolve your problems as soon as possible. Of course, you can demand our help through ticket, Zopim, helpdesk and email.


Here is the best amazing news for you!

As gifts to our dedicated customers, we are more than happy to bring you a discount coupon for this holiday: 25% OFF ON ANY PACKEAGES OF MEMBERSHIP!

You can use the coupon code LabourDay2015 in the holiday (from April 28th to May 3rd ) to get the benefits. We are strongly hope that our present s can make your days-off more interesting!

Take your time and catch the astonishing event of year!

Tips to get on well with the robots.txt file in Joomla

The robots.txt file is one of the most important factors which can help your site’s ranking improved. However, many people do not know how to make use of it then today, we are very proud to show you some tips about this topic. Enjoy!

What is the robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file is defined as a small file which is placed in the root of your Joomla site. Here is the place you can find many instructions about the search engines. Although it can not be compatible with anything related to security but it can play a strong role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Tips about the robots.txt file you must know

There are many tips you should learn about related topic but in this article, we only show you two of them, which is most basic and important. The rest will be released out in the near future.


Remove elimination of images

The robots.txt file is available supplied to eliminate your image folder size. Normally, your site will not be indexed by Google and can not join in Image Search. Of coursem you can modify this as much as you like just by adding/deleting some texts in the file destination.

Make up your sitemap.xml file

It will be a good idea if you Joomla site has a sitemap.xml file. This will gives you a closer understanding of how Google search engine work on your site. Though you may pay attention to adjust the code inside to make you site match the domain and sitemap file. Sometimes it works automatically but sometimes you must achieve it manually.

There are still many things you should know about the robots.txt file. As mentioned above, this article is still being updated. To get the news as soon as possible, subscribe our fan page and check the newfeeds.

Last but not least, all your responses are always welcome!

Make your drug store lighten with ZT Cena Joomla template

Nowadays, Joomla developers get used to providing multi-purposes templates so finding one, which is well designed for desired purpose is really difficult. You will be in the same trouble if you own an online drug store. No longer will you need to worry about this problem, ZT Cena will be the key solution for you!

What does ZT Cena offer? Here is the answer:

Full-width Layer Slider

Full-width Layer Slider

Available Box&Wide in 4 Colors

Available Box&Wide in 4 Colors

VirtueMart 3.x Extension Supported

VirtueMart 3.x Extension Supported

Normal Blog

Normal Blog

Easy Blog

Easy Blog

Powerful Mega Menu

Powerful Mega Menu

Smart Online Shop

Smart Online Shop

You have had a quick look at ZT Cena then if you want to have a large knowledge about how it work, try the lively demo! It would be so great if you can take your time on ZT Cena and give out your experiences in the comment box.

Your opinions will make this Responsive Joomla template perfect!

Top 10 reasons to locate your business at Joomla

As you can see, Joomla has become one of the most favorite content management systems of the 21st century. The latest surveys can figure out that, the number of Joomla users has reached 50 million. In fact, there are many well-known companies and groups, which trust Joomla as their main platform.

If you are still considering this problem, let 10 reasons bellow talk you into:

Free and Open – Because Joomla is dedicated freely so you need no more cost to install or build up them. Everything is free and public then modifying them never pulls you to trouble.

A great deal of extensions – It is estimated that there are more than 6000 Joomla extensions nowadays so no matter which types of extensions your business involve, the suitable ones are available.

Responsive Design – With this amazing feature, your website can display gorgeously on all sized devices. You no longer worry about your site appearance when the customers use hand-held devices like tablets or smartphones.

Multilingual functions – Joomla items are available in more than 64 other languages. This is the reason why many multinational companies have considered it.

24/24 supported – Because there are a large number of Joomla developers all over the world, you can ask for help whether it is late night or early morning. Moreover, related forums, blogs… will assist you to fix problems by yourself.

Easily templates switching – In each period of time, you want your site to have a fresh look and all you can do is just some mouse clicks within minutes.

Smart Search – This is one of the most powerful tools, which makes your site friendlier much in customers’ eyes.

Easy content management – If you are worrying about your knowledge of coding, Joomala can get rid of them because you can do frontend editions, which seems much easier.

Integrated – With Joomla, you can share your content on other kinds of social media without difficulty. Logging by external account is also possible.

One-click updating – Joomla is frequently updated but it needs just one click so this will not bring any troubles to you.

Of course, there are many other advantages when you choose Joomla as your main platform. Why don’t you experience it then share us your feeling?


Why haven’t you had Responsive Design yet?

Responsive design has become one of the most trendy website styles in the 21st century. It refers to a trend that your website can display smoothly on any screen sizes. It can be said that your site will be optimized for all device with Responsive Design.

Responsive is becoming more and more important because…

  • You site’s ranking will be enhanced
  • Mobile usage is increasing
  • Responsive can increase your conversion rates
  • Responsive will offer better user experience
  • It becomes easier to manage the site
  • Your site will stay ahead of competitors

In this article, we will show you how to improve your responsive sites’ ranking in depth. Now, start!

Use Bootstrap

This is the most popular framework which can be used for not only HTML but also CSS and JS. It can help your to develop mobile projects more quickly and effectively.

Improve the speed of page

No one can stand waiting for you website to completely load more than one minute. When Responsive Design is applied, minified images and scripts will make your site load quicker. The less time a website takes to load, the better rank it can achieve!

Test the product on real devices

After everything has been done, you should bring your site to practice. More than one type of real device are highly recommended. Some errors cannot be found in big screens and emulators. Furthermore, there are many useful tools available on the internet to check the effectiveness of your website.

We continue to update this article to bring you more and more useful information about Responsive Design.

If you have any ideas about the related topic, feel free to share with us to make our life better!

Release ZT Shortcodes 2.0.0

ZT Shortcodes is well-known as a simple and visual way to build complex layouts without any troubles. This extension will assist you the best to make content for web pages. In the spring atmosphere, we are more than happy to announce that ZT Shortcodes 2.0.0 has just been released.

Keep calm and see what we will get in ZT Shortcodes 2.0.0!

What’s new in Shortcodes 2.0.0?

  • Replace the JBBCode by WordPress’ Shortcode API
  • Improve backend UI/UX
  • Add color picker for color option
  • Add new shortcode Turning Text
  • Add new shortcode Flip Box
  • Add new shortcode Counter Box
  • Update Filter Group

Upgrade steps

  • Just remove old ZT Shortcodes plugin, install the new version 2.0.0 and enable it


This has certainly been a group effort amongst the authors, but we also owe a special thanks to all the great folks at ZooTemplate.com, who helped us push out this release, including Viet Vu, Dung Tran, Khang Vu, Sen Tran.

What you should know about ZT Shortcodes

Download ZT Shortcodes

Download ZT Shortcodes

Review Responsive Joomla Hosting Template: ZT Seven

With a huge number of powerful and trending options, we have just launched a responsive joomla template which is a perfect solution for any hosting and web services providers to improve their sites: ZT Seven. So let see these belowing reasons show you why you have to take it into your consideration:

Unique and clear with flat design

As flat and minimalistic style still proves to be bloom in this year,ZooTemplate created ZT Seven with this style in mind will help your site to have a more stunning and practical look. Especially, some most web design trends all to be included:

Responsive Design

enables your site browse well on any mobile devices


Large and full-width background

ZT Layer Slider allows you to easily manage slideshow to have a most stunning background.

zt seven

Bold and Big Typography

to catch and concentrate more sights.


Card- based


One color dominance

to make the web overall be consistent

Ghost Button


Full collection of dynamic features and joomla extensions:

Zo2 Framework Base

extremely dynamic Zo2 Framework version 1.4.4, it helps you manage your site much more smoothily and easily.


Mega Menus

vertical, horizontal or fixed responsive menu with many custom styles and effects, which is a must –have feature to be a professional website.


Drag and drop layout builder

especially, 4 different content layout for you to choose


ZT Shortcode

with more than 20 stellar shortcodes to help you build a sharp layouts with great content.



HTML and CSS3 Animation


So, that’s it.

There are even many more great things that only when you experience it, you do feel. So let ZT Seven a chance to brighten your site!

Try the demo

ZT One – the Striking Minimal Joomla template

The Minimalist Design has become one of the most popular trends these days. The number of people who prefer this amazing trend is not small but not many ones know the way to make us of them. Today, we will showcase a Joomla template – ZT One, which has been applied Minimalist very effectively. We hope that ZT One can help you have a practical look at this trend.

Now, start!



Focus on content

Focus on content

Remove needless things

Remove needless things

Minimal color and Constrast

Minimal color and Constrast

White space is crucial

White space is crucial

To make understand more about this case, you can play around the ZT One – Demo. We convince that the lively demo will give you more experiences than boring pages of text about this trend.

You have anything to share about this thread? Please talk to us! We hope our discussion will make our life better!

Introducing Zo2 Framework 1.4.6

A very very surprising news for you! Zo2 Framework 1.4.6 has been updated!

You may feel so astonished because Zo2 Framework 1.4.5 has just been released on March 5th 2015 but you should restfully enjoy this benefit. We have tried our best and offered you many good things in Zo2 Framework 1.4.6. ‘Hide component area’ option and ZT Shortcode 1.0.6 updated are something you would adore.

What you can expect on Zo2Framework version 1.4.6?

  • Reverse “Hide component area” option
  • Update ZT Shortcode 1.0.3

Upgrade steps:

  • Just uninstall old Zo2 plugin, install the new version 1.4.6 and enable it.


  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.5 released on Mar 04, 2015
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.4 released on Jan 20, 2015
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.3 released on Dec 30, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.2 released on Sept 26, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.1 released on Sept 05, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.4.0 released on Aug 19, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.10 released on Jul 18, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.9 released on May 30, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.8 released on May 12, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.7 released on Apr 28, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.6 released on Apr 22, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.5 released on Apr 14, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.4 released on Mar 24, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.3 released on Mar 11, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.2 released on Mar 03, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.1 released on Feb 17, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.3.0 released on Jan 24, 2014
  • ZO2 Framework version 1.2.1 released on Jan 08, 2014
  • Zo2 Framework version 1.2.0 released on Dec 30, 2013
  • Zo2 Framework version 1.0 released on Dec 10, 2013

It is our sincere hope that this new version helps you achieve the benefits you all deserve for your work and research. Remember that Zo2 Framework 1.4.5 is always free, and available at http://zootemplate.com/zo2.


This has certainly been a group effort amongst the authors, but we also owe a special thanks to all the great folks at ZooTemplate.com, who helped us push out this release, including Viet Vu, Dung Tran, Khang Vu, Sen Tran.

What you should know about ZO2 Framework

Download ZO2 Framework

Download ZO2 Framework


[Discount news – 25% off] – Respect for the International Women’s Day

Howdie friends!

It has been a long time since we last brought some good things for you. As you can see, the International Women’s Day is almost around here and you should not miss this amazing chance with a very lovely gift from us.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is also known as International Working Women’s Day, which is annually celebrated on March 8th. In different parts of the world, people have different ways to celebrate this special day to express respect, appreciation and love towards women. People all over the world get used to wearing purple ribbons. We intend to jump at this opportunity to show our gratitude to beloved customers, especially the ladies.

Now, take a deep breath and enjoy this awesome news:


How to manage this? Just use the coupon Womenday2015 in the check-out process then adore our gift! Remember, the event is only available from March 6th – March 8th. The sale-off time has started now so please hurry up, otherwise, you may miss the luck!

 Take the time and have good feeling with your ladies!