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Should I buy membership package or a single template?

Nowadays, Membership Package has become more popular in all activities of life, which bring us many benefits we cannot deny. All about us know Joomla and we also know to download a Joomla Template which satisfies us as well as is the most suitable for our website, then, we have to pay a fee before downloading. The case I said upon is just when we download a single template. So, if you just give amount of money, you can download unlimited template. Why don’t think about that? With a membership package, the problem seems to be solved in an easier way.

It is can be clearly seen that using membership has many outstanding features than just buying a single product.

Look, when you buy a single license, you will be authorized to install one product to one licensed domain. You can have to pay at least $48 or even more to buy a single template. See our example of single ZT Charity Joomla template selling at Themeforest:


You have to pay $48 to buy one ZT  Charity Joomla template.

But with a paid membership package, what have you got?


Absolutely, they will be a wide range of benefits. Let’s imagine that you give amount of $59/3 months, which means you just have to pay $1.5 per Joomla template instead of $48 per one – 32 times cheaper when purchasing a single product.

With a so cheap price, you think quality of service package cannot be assured? That is absolutely wrong. By using membership package from Zootemplate, you will be given many good options such as 40+ free template, access all club template, forum support, help desk support,…

You need more explaination?

When you can access all our available templates, you have more choice because you can download many Premium Joomla templates and extensions related and use them on three or more domains. Each months in the membership valid period, we will send you our new product’s download link via email. And since your needs are different, you get a chance to create more website from our products.

A paid membership package also gives you the options to get fast and express support from our smart and much experienced technical team. And yes, one customer can also purchase more than one product at a time, which means the validate period of membership package will be extended.

So, Which Joomla membership package is the best for you?

If you are a developer and have plans to make lots of sites for your clients, Developer membership ($349) is the way to go.

If you are starting up with Joomla! and making personal sites (owned by you), standard membership packages: Platinum (1 Year), Gold (6 months) or Silver (3 months) membership should work out great. You can always upgrade to Developer membership by paying the amount difference.

We recommend 6 months Gold Membership over the 3 months standard Silver Membership as it gives you 3-4 times more access to support and upgrades not to mention the difference is just $30.

Especially, at the current time Zootemplate give a discount of 20% on any paid membership package when you like, tweet or G+ us. So, you see, just by 1 simply click, you will receive a coupon code. It is actually a bargain price and a good opportunity for you to get a membership package.


So, don’t hesitate. Take a chance and get a Zootemplate membership package for your own!


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