Happy Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2013

Happy Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2013

Now the 2013 Vietnamese Lunar New Year is coming soon, please be informed that our company will be closed during the following period: February 08, 2013 – February 15, 2013

During above period of time, our services will be limited. Still, we will do our best to answer all of your requests.

And we will be back to work on February 16, 2013

About Vietnamese Tet

Lunar Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in Vietnam. Celebrated on the first day of the first month in Lunar Calendar, TET is the longest holiday which may last up to seven days. Vietnamese New Year in 2013 will last from February 10-13, starting the year of the Water Snake. The sixth year of 12 cycle, Snake Year represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control and promises some big challenges.

Preparations are began one or two weeks before New Year’s Day. The atmosphere in these days is so busy and bustling. People of Vietnam usually clean and decorate the house in an effort to get rid of the bad fortunes associated with the old year. Some families would paint their house and decorate with Hoa Mai (yellow blossom) or Hoa Dao (red blossom) which is supposed to bring prosperity and well-being for the family. Everyone buy new clothes and shoes to wear on the first days of New Year. They also try to pay all their pending debts and resolve all the arguments among colleagues, friends or members of family. In the days leading up to Tết, each family cooks special foods as Bánh Chưng & Bánh Dầy. They also prepare a tray of five different fruits (Mâm ngũ quả) on the altar. This is the peak time for tourist to visit Vietnam, as many Vietnamese people return to be with families and friends. Giao Thừa (New Year’s Eve) is the most sacred time of the year. That is the moment when the old year pass and replaced by a new year, the whole family gathers around the ancestral altar to pray.

Like other Asian countries, Vietnamese believe that, if good things come to the family on the first day of the lunar New Year, the entire following year will also be full of blessings. Therefore, the first visitor of family is very important. If that is a good, success, well-educated person, then the family believes that they will receive luck and good fortune throughout the year. People always wish the most propitious things for all relatives and friends in the New Year.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your attention to our company in the past 2012 year. Thank you for choosing our business. Thank you for your feedback and for your continued support. And in return to our loyal customers, we are glad to launch the Lunar New Year special offer up to 30% for all ZooTemplate’s membership packages and and the special offer expires on Feb 16, 2013.

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On the occasion of Lunar New Year