How to create a Joomla! Module Position to appear in the Content area of your Joomla! site

content load joomla modules

First, navigate to Extensions>Plugin Manager> and make sure “Content – Load Module” is published/active. If there is a red “x” beside this Plugin, click it to make the plugin active.

The plugin you just activated will allow you to use a syntax such as “{loadposition jvhead}” in your content item(s) in order to render modules. So now, we want to create a custom module position for JVHead.

To create a module position for jvhead, you will need to open You should see an array of predefined positions such as:


Add this to the array:


content load joomla modules

Save the file and upload. We have just created the “jvhead” module position.

Now you can create a content item within a category or a static content item if you prefer, and within the wysiwyg editor box just type {loadposition jvhead}.