How to make a custom HTML module

browse joomla modules

Create Your own Joomla Module:

Sometimes you want to place HTML code, Image or Javascript code on your site front page.You could this by working into the template file (index.php), but there is another easier and more flexible and easy way.

Put it into a Joomla Module
Joomla Modules are peace of code which can be placed any where on the site. By just giving the different position to joomla module you can change the look of the site. Modules provide flexibility.

So how to make module in Joomla 1.5?

  1. Login to adminstrator side
  2. go to Module Manager
  3. click on new button
  4. select Custom HTML
  5. click on Next
  6. Enter Title
  7. Select Position, note you can also type in the positon, this will create the new position
  8. browse joomla modules

  9. Put your HTML code in Custom Output
  10. browse joomla modules

  11. Save

One very important feature of joomla module is , it can be shown in content or article. See how to publish module in joomla article.

Check your website to see if it is looks you want it to be. Otherwise, go back and change the HTML code. You can also select on which pages you want to show the module.

Your done! You just made your own Joomla Module!

As you just read in joomla you can create, install modules. But you need to publish these modules on specific positions.

Example of joomla template positions can be left, right, top etc.
Don’t go on the meaning of the word used for positions as it depends on the template.
For example: if in your template left position is defined in right hand column then the module published on left position will be shown on right column.

Hope this help!