How to make position in joomla

view joomla positions

How to see available module positions in joomla template ?

Bottom line is you need to know the positions which are available in your joomla template.

You can see different positions available and there exact location on the joomla template, using two different methods

2. Login to Administrator, go to templates , select the template of which you want to see the module positions, and click on preview.


How to make positions in joomla ?

There are two steps:
1. create new module position

To create a module position for ex: jvhead, you will need to open You should see an array of predefined positions such as:


Add this to the array:


content load joomla modules

Save the file and upload. We have just created the “jvhead” module position.

2. Put this module position in your joomla template, so that you can publish different module on this new position

make joomla modules positions


To create new module position, when you click on any module there is drop down for selecting module position, you can actually type in this box and create new module position

Now go to your joomla template and edit index.php, put <jdoc:include type=”modules” name=”newpostion” /> and its done.