How to remove ‘Welcome to the Frontpage’ title in Joomla! 1.5

menu joomla 1.5

If you install new Joomla! 1.5, and you get the ‘Welcome to the Frontpage’ title on your Frontpage of your site. Sometimes, it is difficult to find, where you can change this title. You try lots of things like go to Manage Frontpage, menu menu, see the home menu item, tried unpublishing the home menu link and many such things, but still not getting where this welcome message is coming from

It realy simple, just go to your Joomla! 1.5 Administration site and login. In your administration site go to:

  1. MenusMain Menu (now you are in: Menu Item Manager: mainmenu).
  2. Click on ‘Home’ link to edit this link (you are now in: Menu Item: Edit).
  3. menu joomla 1.5

  4. Click on Parameters System and change or delete the Page title.
    • If you change the Page title, changed title will be displayed on your Frontpage as a title.
    • If you delete the Page title, Menu link will be displayed on your Frontpage as a title (in the present case ‘Home’ will be displayed as title, because ‘Home’ is the name of the link to the Frontpage).
    • If you don’t want to display any title, set Show Page Title below Page title parameter to ‘No’.
  • Don’t forget to save changes. And its done.