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What is the priority? Speed of Site or Responsive Design

Nowadays, internet users are used to fast and high quality connection and have plenty of methods to get access to the internet such as mobile devices, tablets or phonepad,etc.. This fact triggers a lot of questions for website administrator of how to keep visitors come back regularly. Two biggest questions remained:

  • How to keep the site speed high
  • How to make their site adaptable to all screen sizes.

However, which would be given the priority? Site speed or responsive design?


Site Speed – a hard-core factor to keep vistior coming back

According to Kimesstrics, the number of people expecting a web to load in two seconds or less account for 47%. Such figures strongly prove the importance of site speed. With a rush lifestyle always of modern society, it seems to waste a lot of time when spending more than 3 seconds on waiting a site to load. More serious, the low loading speed of your side could damage your company avenue In contrast, the better your page perform, the better your site’s search ranking.

For these and other reasons, site speed always is a huge problem for any web developers or administrators to deal with to upgrade such speed the higher the better.

Responsive Design – a golden solution to capture mobiles markets

The number of people using mobile devices to surf browsers is rocketing, reaching its new peak in 2012. This triggers a big question for web developer of how to make their site still looks gorgeous and brings great experiences to mobile users.

Two solutions can be found: One is responsive design theme or template for their sites and the other is mobile web

  • With mobile web, you would develop a new separate web which is exclusive to mobile users. This demands a lot of time to manage multiple sites: one for your desktop users and another for mobile users.
  • With responsive, you only have to manage one website and it is designed to adjust to fit any screen size. This means that it can be used on both desktops and mobile devices. This solution seems more preferable

The performance of your site is also a seriously considerable factor to decide your site ranking. This is the reason why: if you are praticing poor mobile pratices, your site could get penalized.

Comparison: Site Speed vs Responsive Design

It could not be denied that those two have one thing in common such as they both affect a site ranking.

If you have a responsive designed website bloated with CSS, it still takes longer to load, which means your speed site is influenced. As the result, your customer may turn their back on your site when they find that your glorious site is much slower than other website.

However, if a visitor does not like your site performance, no matter how fast they are loaded, they will still bounce to other sites for greater experiences.

So what is the solution here?

Juding on the importance of two factors, it would be a huge loss when you could not achieving either of them on your site.

However, if you could have a well-developed responsive design website like what are available at ZooTemplate, RiverTheme and Zooextension, your speed site is never a matter to worry about, and you site would always look appealing no matter what screen size they are being displayed on.

If you are wondering about your site speed. You could follow Pagespeed insights  (developed by Google ) to check it. You find your load speed is not fast enough, you may come to find solutions with well-developed responsive theme and templates. This is the best answer when you are not a professional site builder.

We hope this article can assist you the most to make a decision about Speed of Site and Responsive Design. Any related problem remains, please tell us by leaving some comments. We will try our best to get rid of them.


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