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Release ZT Autolinks 1.0.0 for better SEO

You know, the external and internal linking text play a critically important role in achieving better search engine rankings. But did you know that the Joomla internal & external links are also essential? If you were unaware about the importance of those links in past and have ignored link building over your Joomla site, then still possibilities are there.  I have come up with one useful Joomla component – ZT Autolinks which will automatically build ex-internal links in no time.

ZT Autolinks

ZT Autolinks, the Joomla SEO component  created by Zootemplate, was recently updated for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x compability and introduced an exciting new feature for your SEO in addition to custom keyword lists, and much more configurable options. Once installed this component will easily allow you to create a unlimited number of keywords, automatically associate them with any ex-internal link and boost your site rankings.

As an example, say you had a large website http://zootemplate.com and you wish to promote your page by keyword “Joomla templates”. So you create an autolink and every time word “joomla templates” is used in your pages, articles or others , it will be replaced by link http://zootemplate.com. In this way you can build internal crosslinks automatically.



It is our sincere hope that this new version helps you achieve the benefits in your SEO development. However, ZT Autolinks component is NOT FREE any more. You will need to register to become a paid member of Zootemplate if you wish this SEO component available on your Joomla site.

Are you ready to do SEO for Joomla site?  Try our Joomla SEO – ZT Autolinks extension today to see the improvements in your site rankings. Hope you enjoy!

User Manual

See User Manual

Features Sumary

  • Easily add Joomla internal links automatically throughout your site
  • Add title tags to links
  • Choose which articles or pages the link will work on
  • Associate pages with certain keywords/phrases
  •  Automatically link to any article, menu item or URL


Download ZT Autolinks

Download ZT Autolinks


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