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[Amazing News – 25% Off] – Nice Gifts for Liberation Day and International Labor Day

Dear Valued Customer

The April 2015 is coming nearer and nearer to the end of its destination. If you have tried hard these days, slow down your hands and have some days off for this amazing holiday: Liberation Day (April 30th) and International Labor Day (May 1st)

We would like to inform that ZooTemplate will be closed from April 28th to May 3rd. Those days are our national holidays so supporting speed will be affected. If beyond 24 hours, you do not receive our reply, please do not worry because we will be trying to resolve your problems as soon as possible. Of course, you can demand our help through ticket, Zopim, helpdesk and email.


Here is the best amazing news for you!

As gifts to our dedicated customers, we are more than happy to bring you a discount coupon for this holiday: 25% OFF ON ANY PACKEAGES OF MEMBERSHIP!

You can use the coupon code LabourDay2015 in the holiday (from April 28th to May 3rd ) to get the benefits. We are strongly hope that our present s can make your days-off more interesting!

Take your time and catch the astonishing event of year!

Stay happy in Lunar New year and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Respectfully to our dear friends and customers!

Our beloved friends and customers! VietNam Lunar New Year is almost here, ZooTemplate would like to inform our office’s temporary close, from Feb 16, 2015 to Feb 23, 2015. This is a holiday time, however, we are always willing and contactable for your enquiries.

VietNam Lunar New Year 2015 – The Year of Goat

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional holidays in Viet Nam. People often give others wishes for a lucky, successful and healthy new year. It is time for people, no matter wherever they are, whatever they do, to reunite, to remember an respect their ancestors, and parents. Family’s member gather together to have warm meals of many traditional dishes like Banh Chung, Banh Day… to share their feelings. Children wear new clothes and receive lucky money from adults. Students come to visit their teachers to remember student’s time…. Atmosphere is always happy, warm and full of excite. Tet is the warmest and wonderful time for every single Vietnamese citizens.

2015 is a new year of Green Wooden Goat. This is hoped and predicted to be a facilitate, smoothy, and easy year.

It comes to much more amazing that at the same time,  we are living in the months of love, of Valentine. Valentine is a very special time to celebrate, express love in the most meaningful way. The times will promise lots of love, happiness and prosperity.

To celebrate these two special seasons, ZooTemplate would like to gift you a special discount of 25% on all of our products with this coupon code: TET2015. It will be valid from now on, Feb 13, 2015 to Feb 24, 2015.

Last but not least, we would give a huge thank to our beloved customers for being accompanied by us throughout the passing year 2014. For 2015, wish you and your family, your friends and lovers the best and happiest wishes of a lucky, sweet, and prosperous time.

Stay happy in Lunar New year and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

[Partnership Annoucement] A New and Hopeful Partnership with Egolt

Attention Zoo folks!

After some serious discussion, we are happy to officially announce that we have made a decision on tying up a partnership with the Egolt team who is one the most trustworthy suppliers of web products, especially Joomla Extensions, components, modules and plugins. For more information, you could follow this link to their homepage and explore their services: http://www.egolt.com

Moreover, as an introduction gift to all of our Zoo members, Egolt team is offering a discount of 25% on all subscription for all ZooTemplate members. Please go to our partner page here to get the coupon code for this.

However, please notice that this discount from Egolt team is only available to who have already registered to be our members. Thus, to all wannabe members, maybe its high time you joined us and receive amazing generous discounts from not only Egolt but also other partners from all fields of ours. Hurry! Register here: http://member.zootemplate.com/signup



[INFOGRAPHICS] Black Friday 2014- Sharing the Best Coupon Codes for Joomla Products

Hi Guys,

Black Friday, the most wanted shopping event of the year is almost here with us. With a view to helping you hunt for the best bargains during this event, we have collected the most interesting discount news, coupon codes and many things so on from all corners of the world. All of them are rationally arranged in our infographics. For more information, you can follow [SHOCKING NEWS] Black Friday 2014- Have You Geared Up Your Wallet?. From there, any detail promotion programs of many huge developers can be found.

Of course, not only enjoy the amazing deals, you can also share the joys with your beloveds. The embedded code is available bellow for you. This will very useful when you stick it into your site or the postcards.

black friday infographics

Remember the starting day of this stunning campaign: Nov/27/2014. Check this article regularly because from now we will continue to update new coupons code. You should also like our fanpage then we would inform you immediately whenever a new coupon code is released.

We are still updating more information for the typographics so the final version will be published on the following morning.

[SHOCKING NEWS] Black Friday 2014- Have you geared up your wallet?

Howdie ZooTemplate Folks

Have you noticed that the super special shopping event – Black Friday occasion is approaching us? Have your shopping list completed? Have you collected all your needed coupon codes?

It would be a massive loss if you miss any shocking coupon code on this occasion when providers almost give away domain/host server, web developers offer upto 50% discount on your favorite Joomla Templates/ Joomla Extensions/Hosting.  Therefore, let us  help you track all the most mind-blowing coupon/discounts which we have selectively listed below for our beloved custmer most convinence

Please sit back and buckle up because you are going to receive the most special gifts which are about to blow you away this Black Friday.

black friday

For those who is not familiar with Black Friday

Black Friday, which is Nov 28 this year, is  a huge shopping occasion of the year after Thanksgiving when all store would offer shocking discounts, usually halving the price, for all customers within 24 hours. If you are webmaster who get interest in all pertaining products, this year your Cyber Monday (two days after Black Fridays) is even more exciting, because the coupon/discount would be more generous.

You would wonder How much generous are these coupon/discount on Black Friday?

With digital products exclusive for webmaster freaks like you, the ratio could be as below:

  • Joomla Templates/Plugins/Extensions/ – 35% to 50%
  • Host server – 40% to 70%, particularly some providers could generously offer a 90% coupon
  • Domain – 50% and often apply for renewing/trasfering domain

Thus, as you could see, no occasion could you find which is more reasonable and benefital to go shopping than this Black Fridays.

About the gift we promise,  coupon/discount code from all trustworthy providers tracking

If you are hunting for Joomla related products such as templates, extensions, plugins or the most interesting web experiences then this is the golden opportunity for you. What you have to do is simple:

Get access to our website: Zoomtemplate.com from Nov 28th or on 12h am Nov 27th (Vietnam time- zone) You would easily find our continous update of all shocking coupon/discount codes from our partners and other providers of all related products. This is our multi-provider promotion campaign which is hosted from 28th Nov to Dec 4th, promising to bring our customers the most amazing deals this  Black Fridays.

If you have not subcribed to our website to receive email yet then please like our fanpage ZooTemplate: https://www.facebook.com/zootemplate, we would inform you immediately whenever a new coupon code released.

The list of on-sale products and coupon/discount code:

There are many on-sale Joomla templates and Joomla extension, however on the ground of our customer’s benefit, we would only selectively list the products which ZooTemplate have experienced and confirm worth-buying. All the coupon/discount codes would be updated here on 27th November.

Joomla templates:


Coupon code : XPERTFRIDAY / 20% discount


(until 05 Jan 2015) – 35% code: XMAS2014 [button colour=”limegreen” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://themeparrot.com/members-area.html”target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Get Deal Now![/button]



(25th Nov- 01st Dec) – Discount 35% for all subscription packages- Coupon: THANKS2014 [button colour=”orange” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.templaza.com/blog/35-thanksgiving-day-black-friday-and-cyber-monday-sales-for-all-subscription-packages/119.html” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]



(Hurry! Offer Valid: 27th Nov – 1st Dec) – Coupon Code: BlackCyberZOOTEMP40   [button colour=”black” type=”dropshadow” size=”small” link=”http://member.zootemplate.com/signup” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]

ZooTemplate offer all our beloved customer a coupon code which is entitled to 40% on all of our packages each contain over 40+ beatifully mordern designed Joomla Templates.



(28th Nov – 2nd Dec) – Discount 45% (apply to any purchases) code: BLACKFRIDAY14  [button colour=”limegreen” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://smartaddons.com” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]



(28th Nov – 2nd Dec) – Discount 50% code: BLACKFRIDAYS [button colour=”lightgrey” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://bowthemes.com/registration” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]


Joomla Monster

(28th Nov to 1st Dec)|Discount value: 50% on All Products | Coupon: BLACKCYBERJM [button colour=”lightblue” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomla-monster.com” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]


(22nd Nov- 01st Dec, 2014)- 70% Off Joomla Plans, all extensions included. Coupon Code: BLACK70 [button colour=”purple” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://starazure.com/themes/compare-plans/levels” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]

Black Friday coupon

Joomla extensions/plugins:


(26th Nov- 02nd Dec, 2014) – 10% code: blackfriday.The coupon code is valid on already discounted bundles, the 10% is taken from already discounted bundles and clients can save over $150 on a bundle.

[button colour=”black” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.ijoomla.com/store/products/50-discount-bundles/443/ ” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now! [/button]



Coupon Code: TJBFCMTG- 20% off on all our products plus we have an additional 10% off on our bundles
Validity: The coupon is valid from 25th NOV 2014 to 2nd DEC 2014 [button colour=”grey” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”https://techjoomla.com/” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]

Function 90

(27th Nov – 4th Dec) – 25% code:  F90ZTBFCM25 [button colour=”lightblue” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.function90.com/” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]

Get Joom-Profile to manage profiles, Content filter Pro, Assign UserGroup Timely and Real Email Checker with 25% discount.



(in a day) – 25% code: CYBERTSTACK25 [button colour=”orange” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://stackideas.com/downloads” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now[/button]




(from 28th to 30th Nov) – 30% code: BFJU [button colour=”black” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomunited.com/” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]



(until 5th Jan 2015) – 30% code: J2XMAS [button colour=”black” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://j2store.org/” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]



(26th Nov – 2nd Dec) – 33% code: PPCLEVER3DAYS33 [button colour=”orange” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”http://www.readybytes.net/?utm_source=zootemplate&utm_medium=blogpostndsocial&utm_campaign=3specialdays” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]

Enjoy flat 33% discount on all products with Ready Bytes | A Hub of Open Source Joomla Products.



Coupon: zootemplate50 for 50% off. [button colour=”turquoise” type=”standard” size=”small” link=”https://www.ostraining.com” target=”_self”]Get Deal Now![/button]











What you are waiting for? Highlight your calendar, set remind on your phone about this only sale fetival of the year from ZooTemplate and bookmark this article to revisit for our update of coupon/discount code.

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Fridays everyone!