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Top 27 Joomla Experts You Should Follow

Joomla is one of the most widely-used content management systems available to website developers. Joomla is a robust, expandable, upgraded and easily-manipulated platform from which to build today’s modern, multi-faceted websites. Hiring an experienced Joomla development firm to build or service your website can save significant money over other forms of website development. As an open source content management system, Joomla has a community of supporters and developers working to ensure that your site can set the pace in and era when websites demand greater and ever-expanding functionality. So, on your adventure journey to become a good Joomla guru, there are many Joomla Experts need to follow. Follow them to learn and improve skills on your way. In the process of searching, we make Top 27 Joomla Experts you should follow. Why don’t you look at this list and choose your own idols? Surely, they will give you many big influences and valuable experiences that are very useful & essential on your successful road.

Brian Teeman


He’s available to speak on a range of topics anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an engaging speaker who doesn’t do “chalk and talk” then please get in touch. He’s presented on Joomla! and Internet related subjects all across the world to audiences from one to five hundred. No audience scares him although one or two have given him a fright. With a background in both IT and Social Work, He’s been around the Open Source software world since the mid ’90s. I co-founded the first UK Linux ISP and helped launch the first Linux distribution targeted at the UK. As one of the founders of Joomla! and prior to that a Core Team member of Mambo He has experience working on Joomla! powered web sites for clients big and small.

In 2005 He was honored with an award for “UK Individual Contribution to Open Source Software” the first and only winner not to be a programmer and in 2009 the readers of Computer Weekly chose his blog as the Open source in business blog of the year.

You can follow Brian on:

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Mike Veeckmans


Mike is also active in the Joomla community as author for the Joomla Community Magazine, supporting some Joomla groups, giving presentations at Joomla days and part of some workgroups (CCT, JDE, …). Joombiz.eu is specialized in Joomla solutions for SMB, non profits, educational institutes & enterprises. In June 2013 Mike started this company after quitting Spizzy BVBA. Joombiz.eu provides web design, trainings, consultancy, hosting (by partner), webmaster services, etc.

You can follow Mike on:

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Sarah Watz


Sarah is the President of Open Source Matters and has been on the OSM board since October 2012. Sarah was the president of Joomla! User Association Sweden during 2009-2012 and the project manager for Joomla! Day Sweden 2012. Sarah has been working on the project to make the Joomla Certification come to life during 2013-2014. Sarah Watz has been working with marketing, communication and sales for 20 years. Sarah’s passion is to provide great business value in the projects she is involved with. As the passionated Joomla! evangelist Sarah is she runs the web agency PIXPRO delivering Joomla CMS web solutions and runs PIXPRO LABS (providing the popular extension PixSearch).

You should follow Sarah on:

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Nico van Leeuwen


Nico got experience years in Joomla not just from his profession but also from his hobbies. He can work with a very diverse range of computer applications and hardware varieties. My goal is to have a very diverse job in an informal small company. I would like to use my technical skills but also my networking capabilities. Nico is very resourceful in finding solutions for everyday problems.

You can follow Nico on:

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Jen Kramer


Jen specializes in teaching web design and web development skills, in person, online, in video and in written format. Specialties: Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Joomla, Joomla training, Joomla teaching, commercial Joomla courses, Responsive Joomla templates, (X)HTML, usability, CSS, information architecture, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, content organization, website critiques, lynda.com, curriculum development. She is really a powerful woman in the Joomla community.

You can follow Jen on:

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Daniel Dimitrov


Daniel is a Joomla Expert and enthusiastic programmer. He is considered a great person to work with & has received excellent comments about his skills and expertise. His company compojoom.com has great products for Joomla powered websites. Most of them have free & pro versions and the quality of the support has been praised many times.

You can follow Daniel on:

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David Hurley


David Hurley is an open source advocate and travels most weeks of the year to speak around the world on topics of tech, PHP and open source software. He is the community manager for Joomla – the second largest content management system in the world. He is also a member of the production leadership team and the framework maintainers. David writes obsessively at http://dbhurley.com and is an active partner in several businesses.

You can follow David on:

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Nicholas Dionysopoulos


Nicholas is the Director at Akeeba Ltd. He is a very efficient  technical service and procurement engineer with a very good knowledge of Joomla. He’s quick to pick up the coding conventions and code structure, starting to yield positive results very fast. He’s equally competent when dealing directly with clients, e.g. during beta testing or when providing support. It has been a great joy working with him for over a year.

You can follow Nicholas on:

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Danny Zeegers


Danny is a Software Architect (Magento, Joomla, C#,OpenERP, PHP) – Google Engage partner – CHIEF CYBER SECURITY OFFICER – Software test team – Technical writer, Business process analyst. Specialties: Open source, Office365, integrating OpenERP, web design with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress CMS, cloud-expert, cloud security integration, Digital Marketing , Google SEO and SEA.

You follow Danny on:

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Sander Potjer


Sander’s passion for Joomla! began back in 2005 when he designed and built a Joomla! web site for his rowing team. His involvement with the Joomla! community started in 2008 as co-founder of the local Dutch community www.joomlacommunity.eu. At the moment, Sander is an active member of the Joomla! Community Leadership Team (CLT) and he is also chairman of ‘Stichting Sympathy, a foundation that promotes and supports Joomla! in the Netherlands. In addition to this Sander is the developer of ACL Manager, a populair Joomla extension to manage Joomla ACL easily, and partner of Perfect Web Team, a company specialized in Joomla! projects.

You can follow Sander on:

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Radek Suski


Radek Suski is the Board Member at Open Source Matters. He is software Engineer ( Assembler/C/C++/Java/PHP/UML). He is also developer of the Best Directory Component for Joomla – SOBI, Linux Server administrator. He has specialties on PHP Development, UML Design, Joomla Development, Java Development.

You can follow Radek on:

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Viktor Vogel


Joomla! Specialist @ 1&1 Internet — Extensions Developer @ Kubik-Rubik Joomla Extensions. Viktor is enthusiastic and responsible, always helps others when they need. With many experience years of Joomla, he is willing to support you any circumstance. Don’t hesitate instate of being active to contact hom when you meet difficulties.

You can follow Viktor on:

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Emmanuel Danan


Emmanuel is the owner of Vistamedia. This is a famous website with many joomla sites such as Joomla.org, Forum Joomla.org, Forge Joomla.org, Dev Joomla.org…He is a Joomla expert in Joomla community. If you meet any problems related to Joomla Template, don’t hesitate, send them to him.

You follow Emmanuel on:

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Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen


Ronni is the Board Member at IT Forum Fyn. His main title is CEO & Founder of redWEB ApS. He has many experience years in Joomla. With the role of Project Manager he has successfully big projects. He specializes on Web design, Development, Hosting. If you meet any difficult problems in Joomla, please send them to him , He will help you enthusiastically.

You follow Ronni on

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Tessa Mero


Tessa’s open to new opportunities in the Snohomish County area, worked for years as a web developer and over a year as a college instructor. Her skills lie more around database management, teaching, and programming. A professional person when it comes to the Joomla! CMS. She hs Just joined the board of directors with Open Source Matters, Inc. She wouldn’t mind landing a “Developer Evangelist” position. Teaching programming is where her passion is. With her actively seeking work, it’s time to explore what’s out there!

You can follow Tessa on:

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Abdul Wahab Kath


Abdul is the business development Manager at Kath Textile. He can many experience years in Web Design & Development, especially in the field of Joomla and there are many successful big projects. Besides, Abdul specializes on Content Management System, Open Source, PHP, WordPress. If you have any problems related to Joomla, don’t hesitate, let’s send them to his contact. He will help you to solve it well.

Visit Abdul’s Blog // Follow @Abdul

Saurabh Shah


Saurabh is a Joomlaholic , by Profession he is a front-end developer @ cloudaccess.net. You’ll usually find him busy coding Joomla! templates and themes, styling Joomla! extensions, and keeping up to date with web technologies. He has been working with Joomla! since early 2008. H e is well versed with PHP, CSS(3), HTML(5), database applications, jQuery, JavaScript, and Photoshop. Saurabh has a master’s degree in computer science. Currently he is a Board member of Open Source Matters Inc. (OSM), Joomla! Event Team Member, Member of Joomla User Group(JUG) Team , Joomla! Social Media Team and he is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events around the world and member of JoomlaDay India organizer team.

You can follow Saurabh on:

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Venkadesh N


Now, Venkadsh is Managing Director, Tech Lead at Navabrind IT Solutions. He has more than 7 years of experience in open source technologies and core skills especially Joomla. His major focus is on with e-commerce solutions/online shopping cart implementations. Besides, he achieved vast knowledge on PHP, Mysql, Virtuemart, Magento…

You can follow Venkadesh on:

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David Jardin


David is web developer, open source enthusiast, Joomlaholic, member of the Joomla CLT. Besides, he is Former Community Leadership Team Member at Joomla. He is young, energetic and responsible. If you have any Joomla problems, contact him and he will quickly reply to you soon.

You can follow David on:

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Denes Szekely


Fell in love with IT in the fall of 1980 as a student. Denes left my physics engineering (more precisely Nuclear Fuel Engineering – MSc in 1985) career for computing, obtained my MSc degree in computing in 1989, since working as programmer, sys admin, IT expert. He has specialties in Joomla, SEO, HTML, PHP and so on. He is followed by many professional Joomla experts about his experience and skills.

You can follow Denes on:

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Parth Lawate


Parth is a Mechanical Engineer by Profffesion. He has been working in the field of Web Development for the last 5 years especially Joomla. His experience as a Outdoor expert in Sahyadris & Himalayas is more than 6 years. He specializes on We at Tekdi Eco Services are working towards a greener living. We provide expertise in arranging outdoor tours, treks & adventure related activities.

You can follow Parth on:

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Ofer cohen


Ofer is the founder S.D.O.C Ltd | Co-Founder& CTO at Merchico | Open source evangelist. He starts as Lamp developer & Web application specialist IT & Software development. He has specialties in Joomla, MySQL, PHP expert developer Technology business development. If you have any Joomla problems, please send them to Ofen, He will help you to solve them perfectly.

You can follow Ofen on:

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Maria Memon


Maria is working as a Sr. Web and application Developer in Joomla development company. I have expertise in Custom Joomla Development including Joomla Theme, CMS, Template, PlugIn, Blog, VirtueMart development. She is an expert Joomla Developer at Joomla Development Company. 

You can follow Maria on:

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Akarawuth Tamrareang


Akarawuth is one of the first Asia joomla experts in this list. In 2003, Akarawuth became fully involved in the open source movement as a developer. He initiated the Web site MamboHub.com as a community for Mambo enthusiasts. When the Joomla Project was created, he and LaiThai team were there to contribute and drive Joomla even further with funding for a new regional portal www.joomlacorner.com. Currently, Akarawuth and his team are the only group in Thailand working closely with the Joomla Project. They work with various Project teams including the Translation Working Group (Thai/Lao), the Joomla Bug Squad,the Joomla Events Team and Mentor for the Google Summer of Code program

Akarawuth and his team have organized various events and Joomla Days in Thailand already. They are very active in consulting with other teams in the region and help whenever they can to provide suitable support and share knowledge with the local community. Akarawuth joined the Joomla Events Team in 2008 and works primarily in the Asian region.

You can follow Akarawuth on:

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Sam Moffatt


Sam Moffatt is a long term Joomla! developer focusing on backend platform and libraries. Joomla! Production Leadership Team and Development Coordinator – Joomla.org , Lead System Engineer – Sears Holdings Corporation. Sam’s primary work in the Joomla! space has been around the Joomla! extension installer and updater as well as authentication systems. Sam presently works for eBay’s analytic platform and delivery group working on an internal Joomla! powered intranet site. Sam’s previous employers include the University of Southern Queenslandas an analyst programmer working on open source products (Moodle, ePrints and VuFind) and prior to that Toowoomba Regional Councilwhere Andrew Eddie introduced him to Joomla!. Sam’s has almost completed his masters in computer science and is looking forward to his unbroken 6 year track record speaking at one of the biggest JoomlaDay’s on the planet – JoomlaDay Bangkok.

You can follow Sam on:

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Mark Lee


Mark started off picking up PHP and Mambo since 2004 while running his own web hosting business and he got hooked up with Joomla when many of his clients wanted to migrate from Mambo. During 2007, he decided to take the plunge to join Slashes & Dots Sdn Bhd (JomSocial™) . He was initially responsible to provide assistance to customers as well as the development progress for both MyBlog and Jom Comment (A very famous Joomla extension). When Jomsocial initally took off during 2008, he has been actively working on the core of JomSocial and integrations with many famous 3rd party extensions until early 2011.

He recently joined StackIdeas (The creators of the famous blog component for Joomla!, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss) as a software developer and customer service specialist. Now, StackIdeas is a partner of Zootemplate

You can follow Mark on:
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Johan Janssens


Johan Janssens is a Belgian web architect, tech entrepreneur and free software advocate. In the past 10 years Johan has spend most his time creating and advocating free and open source software and helping evolve the world wide web. Johan is most know as co-founder and lead developer of Joomla, an open source content management system used by more than 3% of all the sites on the internet. To date, he is still considered to be the largest contributor to the Joomla codebase. In October 2008 Johan was recognised for his contributions as ‘Most Valued Person’ for Joomla. He is also co-founder/director of Timble and advisor of Ideapod.com, Beyounic.com, two venture backed web start-up.

You can follow Johan on:

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Above is the list of the best Joomla Experts that you should follow. Spending a little time each day to read their blog posts, check their status or discuss with them on a topic you want to learn more about Joomla, We are sure they’ll be the greatest teachers for you. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate instead of sharing with them. They are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. We believe that they will be the best Joomla experts teaching you many valuable experience and skills on your successful road. And feel free to share with us the Joomla experts you love and what you’ve learnt from them. We’d love to discuss with you guys on that.

Who are your favorite Joomla experts to follow on Twitter? Let us know if we forgot anyone in the comments!

Thanks for Mike Veekamans’s precious suggestions of Joomla Experts. We have just updated a list of Joomla Experts. 

Kind regard!