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Why Use Premium Joomla templates: 5 Reasons You Should Invest

Recently, my Colleague, Bich Hong wrote about the free Joomla templates and hopefully gave you top 10 idea places to find them.  Today, I want to cover the Premium Joomla templates and compile a few reasons why you should use Premium Joomla templates, in what ways you can use them, and who is using them. Let’s explore that, shall we?
responsive template zt melano

 Responsive template ZT Melano from ZooTemplate

Premium Joomla Templates save your time:

Yes, they do! In the modern world, you are usually overburdened with paperwork so adding templates to your toolbox will not add work to your project. A template is a good option when you have a lot of work to do. Especially, if you start a personal website to promote your hobby or passion that you have, it saves you from having to learn HTML or any of the other coding such as CSS or PHP.

Premium Joomla Templates are built under a powerful & free Joomla Framework: Zo2 (by ZooTemplate), T3 (by Joomlart), Warp (by YooTheme) or Gantry (by RocketTheme), etc… for instance. A free, open-source, search-engine optimized Joomla Template Framework features responsive web design, twitter bootstrap framework, styling for popular joomla extensions, and a whole community behind it. Those features support you build your own websites within hours. Even with little knowledge of programming languages, you are still able to customize the content and layout of your website as much as you want.

Premium Joomla Templates save your money:

Every time you want to build a professional website, you have to either rent some outsiders or join a few of courses. That sounds so expensive. At ZooTemplate, Only with 59$, you will have in hand the silver membership package and the ability to download 40+ responsive Joomla templates within 3 months. That means you have to pay 1.5$ per template. By this way, you are able to have a bigger budget for other activities.

Premium Joomla Templates make you unique:

Someone rejects of using website templates because they think that a template is sold over and over and their websites will be in the same as the other’s ones. Now Joomla templates can deal with this problem effectively.

In addition, each Joomla Template has tons of short codes. We deliver the short codes you need in spades, letting you quickly and easily put together great content and sharp layouts. You are offered over 600 fonts and unlimited combinations of colors. Then, you could also upload background images on per section bases instead of solid background color if you wish.

Use responsive web design:

It is no secret that more and more internet users are accessing their favourite websites through mobile devices and this trend is still just at the beginning! The world goes mobile and responsive websites are the future of the internet. Joomla templates now use responsive design. That means they automatically adapts its layout to fit almost any screen resolution and looks fantastic on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablet computers. So there is no need anymore to build a separate website for mobile. It is amazing, right?

So, have you imagined your unique website?

Support every time:

Having Zoo’s Premium Joomla Templates means that you are able to be supported no matter when you call us. So, do not worry if you have trouble with your websites in mid-nights or early mornings. We are always ready to be here, by your side, listen to your comments and help you deal with all of your problems.

Helpdesk are always happy to assist you with related questions or problems!

Well, kind builders, you will receive much more benefits from Premium Joomla Template, except for things above. How about having a try and enjoy all of these advantages? Then, drop us some comments, we would love to listen to you!


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